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AVL North America

AVL North America provides tailored powertrain development and test system solutions. Its solutions support testing needs throughout the entire engine and powertrain development process, from initial research to production.


News and Highlights

Get the latest news and highlights to see what makes AVL experts the most experienced problem-solvers in the industry.

Switched On & Fully Charged

Despite the reductions in emissions for new vehicles in recent years, the global progress in cutting harmful gases and particles is still not going fast enough. AVL offers scalable, customized and robust electrification solutions, from engineering, through to simulation and testing – from the office to rig to road.



AVL Test Cell Services

AVL Test Cell Services provides the power of AVL instrumentation and software with the expertise of the industry’s leading powertrain engineers. With the right combination of infrastructure and experience, AVL delivers accurate data and customized solutions – without the hassle.

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