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November 29, 2018 Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden


Product Development in Motion 2018

Meet the experts in Gothenburg. The mobility Capital of Sweden



Product Development in Motion 2018 will be opened and hosted by Prof. Helmut List, CEO AVL List GmbH.

Prof. Lucien Koopmans of Chalmers will open with a programme of workshops, connected expo and keynote speakers from Neste, Northvolt, PowerCell, Roborace, Volvo Penta, Silicon Mobility, Zenuity & AVL, all of whom will offer unique insights into today's rapidly evolving engineering industry and the trends that you need to know to support the development of future mobility across all sectors, including:

• Electrification
• ADAS and Connected Vehicle Development
• Virtual Validation
• Future of the combustion engine
• Motorsport



Powertrain development and validation have become more challenging and exciting than ever before with

1.New all-electric powertrains on the road already

2.The combustion engine is seeing a second life via significant technical improvements on the engine itself and electrical components being able to help overcome the shortcomings of pure combustion powertrains leading to a “zoo of hybrids”. So, what will be the mix between even further combustion engine development, hybrid and pure electric?

3.The demand to connect the vehicle to its environment and assist or totally replace the driver. Nobody knows today what an AD/ADAS lab will look like - but powerful first steps are being made

4.Inevitably the call for virtual validation to broaden the validation funnel, do validation earlier in the process and cheaper will only be stronger when reading all of the above

Whilst the benefits of the new technologies in safety, consumption, performance, emission and convenience are enormous the automotive industry as a whole face the challenge of taking decisions, develop safe and cost effective reliable solutions - all at the same time with literally the same teams and budgets. This means the field of product development is in motion - UK PDiM18 looks at the trends you need to know.

For the PDiM18 we are following a format developed with participant’s including:

  • Key note speeches in the plenum by drivers in the field and industry voices
  • Workshops by these speakers and others on trending topics
  • Connected expo
  • Evening Networking where delegates can enjoy an Austrian Buffet and Bar


08:00 Volvo Foyen Doors open, welcome sandwich and coffee, sign up for event and workshops
08:20 Runan Sal Welcome to the Mobility Capital of Scandinavia  Ann-Sofie Hermansson
Mayor of the City of Gothenburg
08:30 Welcome / Your Way Through the Event  Erik Osnes, Antonio Ciriello
AVL MTC AB & AVL List Nordiska AB
08:40 Conference Opening

Helmut List

09:00 The end of the combustion engine - or a new life ? Lucien Koopmans
09:25 Roborace Human+Machine - the Journey from Development to Competition Al Peasland
9:45 - 11:00 Volvo Foyen Coffee Break / Expo is open / Virtual Reality Tours / Test drive XXX
10:00 - 11:00
Parallel Sessions
Runan Case Studies of Virtual Testing in Context of RDE, Electrification and ADAS Klaus Rothbart & Josko Balic
Catella Energy Efficient Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control for Cars and Commercial Vehicles Stephen Jones
Valdemar Innovations in Solid-State Electrolytes and Cathodes for EVs Michael Hess
Palmstedt Power Electronics Validation Hammerer, Maier, Perreira
Ledningsrummet Customer Proximity through Digitalization of Services Peter Pucher
11:00 Runan Sal Volvo Trucks - Focus on Automation Sasko Cuklev
Volvo Trucks
11:20 The Safety Challenge of Autonomous Vehicle Rolf Johansson
11:40 And when it burns, out comes only water Per Wassén
12:00-13:00 Volvo Foyen Lunch Break / Expo is open / Virtual Reality Tours / Test drive XXX
13:00 - 14:00
Parallel Sessions
Palmstedt Student event with focus on:
- Automotive Town Goteborg
- International Assignments
- AVL Racing Team
- Aquabike Racing
- Projects
Host: Andreas Andblad
Valdemar Process and Data Management in Powertrain Development, Simulation and Test Bernhard Behr
Ledningsrummet Model-Based Systems Engineering for Optimized Electrified Trucks and Buses Martin Ackerl
Catella Integration of Power Electronics for Traction Drives Benjamin Langer
Runan Fuel Cells - The Roadmap, The Obstacles and The Benefits P. Wassén, K. Samuelsson, F. Moradi
Powercell & AVL
14:00 Runan Sal From Virtual Testing of Engines to Virtual Product Development Ethan Faghani
Volva Penta
14:20 The new road has many digital dimensions  Georg Zembacher
14:40 To be announced To be announced
Slot reserved
15:00-15:30 Volvo Foyen Coffee Break / Expo is open / Virtual Reality Tours / Test drive XXX
15:30 - 16:30
Parallel Sessions
Catella Lab Management Challenges - How to set Targets in Dynamic Environments Richard Osborne, Kristian Düring
Valdemar Air Cooled Power Electronics Design F. Haag, S. Pruefling
Palmstedt State of the Art Development Methodologies for Hybrids and E-Drives Andreas Volk
Ledningsrummet Challenges & Framework for ADAS & AD Testing Bo Gao & Mani Kaustubh
Runan The new road has many digital dimensions - connect it all for a more sustainable mobility Georg Zembacher, Robert Grann
16:30 Runan Sal Taking Action on Climate Change Teemu Sarjovaara
16:50 Powering Mobility from Sweden Lars Hansson
17:10 Conference Closing  Erik Osnes, Antonio Ciriello
AVL MTC AB & AVL List Nordiska AB
17:15 Volvo Foyen Austrian Buffet and Bar / Expo is open / Virtual Reality Tours / Test drive XXX
Please note that any green agenda items listed may be subject to change



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November 29, 2018
Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden