Turning development data into decision-relevant information

Data Processing Software AVL CONCERTO™

Holistic, open and adaptive data analytics solution


Vehicle development is becoming more complicated than ever before, as development tasks continue to produce incredible amounts of new data. Whether you are improving fuel efficiency, testing emissions, developing modern powertrains or designing effective e-mobility and driver support systems, all of these tasks raise questions of how best to visualize, analyze and process these data.

That’s where CONCERTO 5™ comes in. You can use it for a variety of applications, including in the development packs and e-motors/e-axles as well as hybrid and conventional internal combustion powertrains/vehicles.

Improved Data Analytics

By turning your mountain of data collected during the vehicle development process into digestible information that can assist your decision-making process, CONCERTO 5 is the smart way to process your data. With its open interfaces and integrated calculation functions, CONCERTO 5 is an advanced data processing tool has a wide range of capabilities. With it, you can harmonize, standardize and search your data. It also offers intuitive calculations, reporting, and fully automated data evaluations.

Available Applications

CONCERTO 5 has a wide range of applications in all areas of automotive development. When it comes to the fields of electrification, it can analyze performance and aging effects for multiple battery cells, modules and packs simultaneously. With it, you can easily combine multiple measurements into one layout, graph or report, and automatically run calculations and reports in combination with Santorin MX.

For e-motor/e-axle development, it can also check plausibility of measurements, determine KPIs for current and voltage and even calculate temperature for ECU calibration and verification tasks. Hybrid vehicle and powertrain development, too, can benefit from CONCERTO 5, as it analyzes and reports the hybrid strategy of your control system with multiple measurements from the road, the chassis dyno and the simulation, while also converting measurements to KPIs that can be used to calibrate the ECU functions. With its innovative solutions for data management – like the PEMS Data Management Solution – CONCERTO 5 can also be helpful in the area of emission testing.

CONCERTO 5 is the most effective way to transform the data you collect during your vehicle development process into decision-relevant information. With it, you can compare simulation and measurement data, generate reports and share them with colleagues and automatically harmonize quantity names and units from various sources. Its open interfaces and integrated calculation functions make CONCERTO 5 a data correlation tool that you can use for a wide range of automation, simulation and measurement systems.

Toolbox Extensions

CONCERTO 5 is an extremely versatile data collection tool. Leveraging our decades of experience in automotive development, we developed several application-specific toolbox extensions for your particular needs. We designed these toolboxes to be easy to use, meaning even if you are not an expert in the field, you can start working with these immediately. These toolboxes are below.


  • Battery Testing Toolbox: Offering pre-configured reports and templates for multiple test cycles, compliant with standards IEC 62660 -1 and INL/EXT-07-12536
  • E-Library: Ready-to-use testing that meets global standards and intelligent data analysis and reporting
  • M.O.V.E Data Toolbox: “Real World Emission” data evaluation made easy
  • iGEM Data Toolbox: Worry-free emission legislation that you can customize to your own needs
  • Combustion Analysis Toolbox: The reference solution for high-end combustion analysis
  • MAP Expert: All your calibration tasks in one place, one click away
  • NVH Toolbox for CONCERTO: Get all your noise and vibration measurements in tune with any powertrain parameter you need
  • Application Development Toolbox: Do advanced calculations and create your own applications

Key Benefits

  • One data processing platform for harmonization and standardization
  • Adaptable to specific needs with toolboxes
  • Python integration for easy scripting
  • Eight application specific standard toolboxes (Emission, Electrification, Certification)
  • Over 200 applications developed and used by customers
  • Powerful data search, intuitive calculations and fully automated evaluations
  • Interactive editing and reporting
  • Integration of third-party algorithms
  • Shared libraries for standardized evaluation

We introduced the first version of CONCERTO 25 years ago. Each development cycle has kept pace with trends in the automotive industry, and the latest version is no different. This decades long experience gives us a deep understanding of the benefits of this innovative and impactful tool. With over 23,000 users from more than 800 companies currently using it, CONCERTO 5 is your tried and tested solution for data processing.


AVL CONCERTO 5™ is a data processing platform that is used by over 23,000 users at more than 600 customers worldwide.