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AVL Emission Test Systems GmbH (AVL ETS) is headquartered in Neuss, one of the oldest cities in Germany, situated on the left of Rhine River just opposite to Düsseldorf. More than 40 years emission competence proves us as an excellent emission expert. The company's main focus is development and production of gas analyzers, measuring systems and automation systems for determination of engine or vehicle exhaust as well as evaporative emissions. Our products are developed and manufactured by AVL Emission facilities in Neuss, Gaggenau, Graz or Plymouth, wherever the best expertise is available. Sales and service for our products are performed by AVL's worldwide subsidiaries, thanks to which we are represented in all major markets of the world close to our customers.



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Graf-Landsberg-Strasse 1C
41460 Neuss

Phone: +49 2131 5124 0
Fax: +49 2131 5124 111




  • General management
  • Administration
  • Technical sales support
  • Helpline
  • Project management and implementing
  • Product management
  • Development (hardware)
  • Production of analyzers and measurement systems


  • Development (software, electronics)
  • Settlement of projects (software)
  • Advanced measurement systems
  • Special devices production
  • Test cell for practical tests


Anfahrtsplan Gaggenau:




  • Software development and settlement of engine test cell projects
  • Emission competence team for analytics
  • Test cells for practical tests


  • Software and hardware development for the US-market
  • Local production
  • Sales and technical sales support
  • Project management
  • Service



Ahead in Emissions Technology

AVL not only has the most complete product line for measuring emissions on combustion engines, AVL also strives continuously to offer the most innovative products. Consequently, we invest in standard instrumentation as well as in special instrumentation and new measurement principles. Thus, today AVL is the market leader in the field of FTIR measurement technology for emissions from combustion engines, or in the use of diode lasers for highly dynamic emissions analysis. We also focus on the dynamic measurement of particles or particle size distribution. Our investments in extending our technological leadership in different areas will be further intensified in the future.

Quality Commitment

All AVL Emission Test Systems products are subject to quality controls that far exceed the quality controls specified by the ISO 9000 standard. Exploitation of in-house user know how (AVL MOT) and appropriate test procedures results in the highest quality level right from the start, even with totally new products, through genuine practical tests. Quality is confirmed by the AVL in-house "Tried and Tested" seal of approval. Our quality system is subject to continuous improvement in order to always reach best possible quality. Additionally we are certified according to ISO 9001 and VDA 6.4.

Why AVL Emission Test Systems?

There are many good reasons to work with AVL Emission Test Systems. Some of the most important are listed below.

  • The challenge of meeting special customer requirements is a challenge that we are always pleased to accept.
  • Where others give up, we find solutions.
  • Innovation and quality are our top priorities.
  • We offer short, customer-based decision channels and the advantages associated with a large and stable organization.
  • Our sales and service organizations are represented around the world, and staffed with competent employees who are also pleased to offer exceptional service to our customers.

About us

The companies Pierburg Instruments and PEUS-Systems were successfully integrated within the AVL organization in 2005. As the logical consequence, a new combined company, AVL Emission Test Systems GmbH, was founded for better market visibility of the resultant synergy.

AVL Emission Test Systems represents the sum of the strengths of the emissions division of AVL and the companies that have been acquired. However, there was more than just a new name: With intensive research and development, for the first time a completely new, uniform and highly-innovative product line, the iGeneration, has also been created.

The first iGeneration products, AMA i60, CVS i60 und PSS i60 with the new iGEM software platform form the basis for other innovative products that will appear in the future.

Thanks to the combined, concentrated emission competence available in AVL Emission Test Systems we are optimally prepared to solve all future requirements in the field of emissions measurement systems and instrumentation.

In this regard, AVL Emission Test Systems desires to continue its close collaboration with its customers as a competent partner in realizing solutions that satisfy such requirements.

Managing Director Konrad Hinterhofer

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AVL Emission Test Systems GmbH
Graf-Landsberg-Straße 1C
41460 Neuss
Phone: +49 2131 5124-0
Fax: +49 2131 5124 111

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