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AVL Analytical Technologies GmbH is a leader in the development and production of gas analytics, measuring and automation systems for exhaust gas emission applications as well as for evaporative gas emissions from fuel systems and vehicle interior air quality.
Our gas emissions testing knowledge spans more than 50 years, proving our exceptional expertise in and dedication to these applications. In addition to having a comprehensive product line, AVL Analytical Technologies also strives to offer the most innovative products. 
Drawing on its pioneering spirit, the company provides concepts, solutions and methodologies for a greener, safer and better world of mobility. To achieve the vision of climate-neutral mobility, AVL Analytical Technologies drives innovative and affordable solutions for all testing applications – from traditional combustion engines to hydrogen and e-fuel combustion as well as hybrid powertrains, including battery and fuel cell technologies.


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Our Portfolio

Learn more about our most comprehensive product portfolio for emission and energy testing.


The AVL PA-FID C50 is a portable FID analyzer for continuous total organic carbon measurement in the process industry and in laboratories.

AVL SlimLine™ Dilution Systems
AVL SlimLine™ Dilution Systems

The new benchmark for full-flow diluted emission testing is designed to take up much less space than conventional system cabinets and is built to use less energy.


The AVL H2D is a high-end hydrogen mass spectrometer to support the development of fuel cells and H2 internal combustion engines (ICE). It measures H2 and optionally N2, O2, H2O and CO2.

sesam i60

The AVL SESAM i60 FT SII is a Fourier-Transform Infra-Red exhaust gas measurement system offering evaluation methods optimized for different fuels and applications.

iGEM 2 Test Automation Solution
AVL iGEM 2™ Test Automation

AVL iGEM 2™ is our cutting-edge test automation solution for your energy and emission testing needs. It delivers high-quality data for certification and R&D testing.

Lab Management for Vehicle Process Overview
AVL Lab Management™ for Vehicle

Achieve process safety and higher efficiency with our modular and scalable Lab Management for Vehicle solution.

Process Control Modules
AVL Process Control Modules

AVL Process Control Modules constitute a powerful selection of software modules to assist you in all necessary steps involved in the testing process and result evaluation.

Digital Battery Passport
AVL Digital Battery Passport

The only fully operational digital battery passport solution in a productive battery environment.

AVL iGeneration SII Systems

The AVL iGENERATION Series II clears the way for intelligent and intuitive R&D and certification emission testing according to the latest worldwide emission regulations.

AVL iCAL Emission Calibration Devices

The AVL iCAL product line includes everything you need to accurately calibrate emission measurement devices according to the legal obligations of global markets.

SL Visual

The AVL AMA SL is a exhaust measurement system that is revolutionizing emission testing. It is ideally suited to both research and development applications and certification for all types of engines and fuels.

Filter Weighing Robot
AVL Filter Weighing Management

Learn more about our Filter Weighing portfolio existing of Filter Weighing Chamber, Filter Weighing Robot and the tailored software tool AVL ParticleScale.


The AVL VT/VV-SHED (Sealed Housing for Evaporative Determination) systems constitute a state-of-the-art test system for testing evaporative emissions.


AVL CANLOAD is designed for the automated execution of conditioning and aging cycles of canisters containing activated carbon from the automotive sector.


AVL FUELLOAD is designed specifically for fuel conditioning and refueling procedures of vehicles or tank systems in the context of ORVR test procedures.

SHED System
Evaporative Emission Testing

Learn more about our holistic product portfolio for evaporative emission testing of vehicles and components.

Chassis Dyno Emission Testbed_2
Emission and Energy Certification Testing

Learn more about our holisticsolutions for emission and energy certification testing.

Field of interest - Emission
Future ICE Solutions

With over seven decades of experience in the mobility industry, we understand the challenges our customers face in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. By using sustainable design and development processes, we are not only helping reduce the CO₂ footprint of all types of powertrains, but we are also keeping affordability in mind for the end consumer. 

Our Upcoming Events

Meet us and exchange with our experts on latest mobility technologies and trends.

AVL TechDay E-Motor

Trends and challenges in everyday development

The Way to Euro 7

In November 2022 the European Commission announced the publication of its proposal for Euro 7.

AVL SIM Conference
AVL SIM Conference 2023
Novi, MI 48374, United States

Explore the new trends and technologies shaping the mobility industry at the AVL Simulation Conference 2023.

Our History

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The first exhaust measurement facility for internal usage is constructed at Pierburg, in Neuss, Germany.

AVL Emission Test Systems GmbH

The AVL Emission Test Systems GmbH is founded because of the merger of AVL’s emission divisions, Pierburg Instruments and PEUS-Systems.


AVL Emission Test Systems presents the new intelligent, innovative, and intuitive AVL iGENERATION product family, consisting of the AVL AMA i60 exhaust measuring system, the AVL CVS i60 full flow dilution system and the AVL PSS i60 full flow particulate sampler.

iGEM Vehicle_01

AVL iGEM Engine, based on the newly developed AVL iGEM software platform is launched. Also, in the area of exhaust emission test cell automation on engine and chassis dynamometers we are following consequently the AVL iGENERATION product idea.

SL Visual

The new AVL AMA SL exhaust gas measurement systems is presented at the Automotive Testing Expo Europe. The new emission analysis system is characterized by its slim and minimalist system design, very low sample flow rates for highly accurate test results, and increased energy efficiency. Compared to conventional emission benches, the AVL AMA SL is a more economical system that provides most accurate test results with less energy and maintenance costs. 

AVL Slimline Verdünnungssysteme  AVL Slimline Dilution Systems

AVL SlimLine™ Dilution Systems is simultaneously launched at the Automotive Testing Expo Europe in Stuttgart, Germany and JSAE Annual Congress in Pacifico Yokohama, Japan. 
The AVL SlimLine™ redefines diluted emission testing in research and development as well as certification. It enables the certification of passenger cars and corresponding engines, supporting all fuel types. The SlimLine combines the AVL AMA SL™ for diluted exhaust gas measurements with the AVL CVS SL™ dilution system and the AVL PSS SL™ particulate sampler. Thanks to its sustainable concept, the SlimLine not only enables testbeds to meet the highest design requirements, but also offers increased test performance and efficiency.

AVL Analytical Technologies GmbH

AVL Emission Test Systems GmbH is responding to technological transition by adding new areas of business and changing its name to AVL Analytical Technologies GmbH. 

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AVL Analytical Technologies GmbH - Neuss
AVL Analytical Technologies Headquater Neuss
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