Standards beyond limits

AVL Micro Soot Sensor 2™

The new standard for transient soot measurement in the exhaust gas of internal combustion engines

As emission legislations and market demands get tougher, the requirements for the optimization of combustion and exhaust aftertreatment systems are becoming more and more complex. The soot content of exhaust gas is an important indicator of combustion quality and particle filter performance. Analysis of this metric aids OEMs in the development of cleaner engines.

Introducing the Micro Soot Sensor 2

The AVL Micro Soot Sensor 2™ is the next generation of industry standard device for transient soot measurement designed for on-board vehicle use. Employing the photoacoustic measurement principle, soot mass concentration is measured without cross sensitivities to other exhaust gas components. This one metric is used throughout the whole engine development process across various test environments such as engine testbed, chassis dyno and on the road.

Rugged and Robust

The rugged design, which meets IP34 standards, can tackle the harshest testing conditions at temperatures from -10°C to 40°C and at altitudes up to 5000m (with the optional pump unit). With improved system dynamics this advanced soot measurement instrument ensures increased accuracy for the development of filter loading models for DPF's and GPF's.

Key Benefits:

  • Optimized for highly dynamic on-road testing under harsh conditions even beyond RDE boundaries
  • The revolutionary exchangeable sensor unit design enables simple access to all maintenance-relevant parts without the need for tools
  • Full compatibility to the M.O.V.E iS and iX platform for seamless system integration
  • CAN connectivity for easy INCA communication and fast data transfer