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Connecting your tool landscape

Engineering that CONNECTS

Creating a fully integrated workflow

The AVL vision of a fully integrated development process is something that many vehicle manufacturers aspire to. But for a variety of reasons they are prevented from consistently connecting simulations, test environments, data, devices, automation, and processes.

This might be due to an insufficient development platform, inadequate tool landscape, lacking test and simulation environments or limited availability of standards. Whatever the reason, support is needed to improve the quality of the development infrastructure. This is vital if OEMs are going to meet global emission legislation, market demands, and deliver competitive, innovative products. AVL is the industry partner that can provide this support.

Our service “Engineering that CONNECTS” is based on our Integrated and Open Development Platform (IODP) and is built using our vast experience in model-based development. It is a connected solution designed to support you in realizing an open and integrated development landscape.

The AVL Approach

The process involves beginning the application-specific engineering projects with a thorough analysis of the existing tool and methodology landscape. Based on that information we then connect the existing toolchain. This enables us to frontload as many development tasks as possible, and increase efficiencies in the existing development environment.

Having perfected the networking of domains and their tools in our facilities around the world, we now offer this capability to our industry partners. You can choose to conduct your activities at any of our global locations or on your own site. Either way, you will benefit from our extensive know-how and enjoy the benefits of our IODP approach.

A Legacy of Excellence

The IODP underlines AVL’s independence, expertise and industry commitment. By creating an open platform that allows integration with third party tools and processes, we are helping to drive excellence across the industry. This is backed up by seven decades of independent automotive research and development, delivering value to our partners in this rapidly changing technological environment.