Powertrain Calibration

The calibration business is driven by an increasing number of derivatives under the challenge of restricted emission and fuel consumption requirements and with the need to achieve the highest quality and time efficiency.

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Vehicle calibration essentially consists of determining the attributes of a car for fulfilling legislative standards as well as refining the car´s character to meet all the driver´s expectations for best driveability and comfort.
AVL has many years of experience in commercial vehicle calibration and has developed a unique tool for efficient calibration process: Mobeo. This tool allows you to cut development time and cost with secured or increased dataset quality.

AVL Emissions Development

Real Driving Emissions & CO₂ compliant - meeting all global emissions legislations

AVL offers leading solutions to meet today’s and tomorrow’s stringent emission legislations with different goals in different markets. They are robust, reliable cost-efficient and compliant with CO2 and RDE requirements as well.
The calibration and validation of a new tractor is a vital task. Verification of the functionality and durability during development and validating whether a newly developed product fulfills the needs and the expectations of the customer is an essential part of the development of every single product worldwide.
Modern powertrains are getting more and more complex. To manage this complexity, AVL has over the past decade developed tools and methodologies to support all the calibration tasks of all modern powertrain topologies.
On-Board-Diagnostics (OBD) have been required in the US since 1990 to monitor the emission relevant systems in order to detect malfunctions, which increase the emissions, and indicating the malfunctions to the driver. This regulation was also implemented in Europe in 2000. Besides the legal requirements there are also manufacturer related requirements to the OBD system such as monitoring the system to avoid engine damage or support for engine service, troubleshooting and repair. Meanwhile...
Engine Performance and Emission Calibration for all levels of specific power, injection and charging technology, for all types of systems e.g. DOC, LNT, SCR, DPF, SCR on DPF. From concept up to production datasets meeting all customer expectations. Vehicle Calibration is essentially determining the customer relevant attributes of a car at the same time fulfilling legislative standards, world-wide for all markets.
Engine Driveability Calibration under all conditions by calibration of torque forming SW-functionalities combined with objective judgment of vehicle driveability to achieve higher calibration quality.
Meeting the requirements of emission legislation is becoming more and more difficult due to ever tightening limits (e.g. Euro 6, SULEV, etc.) and the very strong requirement to reduce fuel consumption (e.g. Europe 95 g/km, CAFE, China Stage 4, etc.). High costs due to penalties or recalls may also arise if the emission limits are exceeded in the field. Robust emission calibration is necessary to meet the emission limits for mass production. All possible conditions like an aged exhaust...
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