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AVL Engine TS™ EOL

To handle the increasing complexity in combustion engine development and avoid costly recalls, OEMs need advanced tools and smart testing methods that consider the manufacturing and assembling process. At AVL, we have the skills, experience and know-how to meet these challenges head on.

Our deep understanding of the test mechanism and our leading system experience is second to none. AVL’s test systems and cutting-edge solutions for all sectors, such as light-duty, mid-duty and heavy-duty engines complete the portfolio. Our end-of-line solutions feature container systems that can be easily integrated into any existing production environment.

At AVL, we take pride in being a reliable partner that delivers testing technologies for production, that combine a high degree of flexibility with precision and quality at the highest level.

Examples for supported standard solutions include:

  • End-of-Line Loaded Hot Test Systems
  • Quality Audit (QA) / Conformity of Production (COP) Systems
  • Qualified Hot Test Systems
  • End-of-Line Engine Cold Test
  • In-Process Verification Test System (IPV)


AVL Guarantees

  • Turnkey systems that suit each application and customer requirement
  • Fast experience in executing turnkey projects globally
  • High-precision measurements with reproducible results

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