Vehicle System and Driveline Analysis


AVL CRUISE is the industry's most powerful, robust and adaptable tool for vehicle driveline system analysis. The application field covers fuel efficiency, driving emissions and performance analyses along vehicle development process with model re-use from concept planning through to HiL and testing.

AVL Approach

AVL CRUISE supports everyday tasks in vehicle system and driveline simulation analysis throughout all development phases from concept planning to calibration and test tasks in different HiL and test environments. Its application envelope covers conventional vehicle powertrains through to highly advanced hybrid systems and pure electric vehicles.

AVL CRUISE offers a streamlined workflow for all kinds of parameter optimization and component matching – guiding the user along the way to practical and attainable solutions. Due to its structured interfaces and advanced data management AVL CRUISE has established itself as a data communication and integration tool for various teams within world-leading OEMs and their suppliers. This facilitates consistent target definition and traceability of the decisions made in reaching the best overall results for the developed product.


Benefits at a Glance

  • Reduced analysis effort with a ready-to-use vehicle analysis platform.
  • Perform all fuel economy, emissions and performance tests in a single run with the same vehicle model.
  • Efficient vehicle modeling with scalable model fidelity.
  • Simulation of any powertrain topology form standard to the most innovative and complex one.
  • Hybridize conventional vehicles with only a few mouse clicks.
  • Explore new transmission concepts such as automated manual transmissions (AMT) and dual clutch transmissions (DCT).
  • Ease up and speed up your work related to shifting strategy and program with GSP module.
  • Execute very large parameter optimization and component matching tasks with DoE functions.
  • View the energy and power flows graphically for the entire powertrain.

AVL CRUISE Strengths

  • Realistic vehicle system modeling of any topology with complete vehicle component models and scalable fidelity.
  • Inclusion of all simulation vehicle system analysis tasks and workflows.
  • Intelligent and consistent management of data throughout teams, applications and workflows.
  • Developed with OEMs engaged in leading-edge vehicle and powertrain design, AVL CRUISE incorporates much of the experience of those companies.

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