Elementary education begins at an early age. Therefore, we decided more than 10 years ago out of conviction to set up a company-organized early childhood education and care facility for our youngest children. Since the opening of the AVL Nursery and the AVL Kindergarten, they have enjoyed great popularity and an incomparable reputation. Our aim is to provide a high-quality early childhood education and care facility where children, nursery and kindergarten teachers, childcare staff and parents feel at ease. We believe that a society is particularly capable of performance and innovation if we think in a future-oriented way and know that the youngest are well protected, cared for in a child-friendly manner and supported in the best possible way. With highly motivated educational staff, an innovative pedagogical concept and an architecturally well thought-out building with spacious childcare facilities, we want to set new standards in elementary education.

As early childhood educators and childcare professionals, we play a special role in the company. Just as every child is unique, every colleague is unique in all their facets.

There is room for a wide range of personalities, areas of expertise and qualifications at our facility. We work in multifunctional teams with intercultural backgrounds and contribute our (reform) pedagogical, didactic-methodical, artistic-creative and linguistic expertise in such a way that these result in a needs-oriented synergy with the children. Our professional know-how is up-to-date and is being constantly expanded through further training based on scientific principles.

We focus on supporting families and colleagues in balancing work and family life and creating a collaborative environment where everyone, including children, feels like a valued partner. We focus on trust, a family atmosphere and collaborative and respectful cooperation.

The following pedagogical benefits accompany us in our work:

  • daily overlapping times for the teachers
  • internal stand-in resources
  • exempted management
  • native speakers in the team in addition to the statutory staffing ratio
  • additional kitchen help during lunchtime
  • generous premises and material resources beyond the minimum requirements

Consciously high quality structures contribute to an excellent working environment in the AVL Nursery and AVL Kindergarten.

Daniela Gattringer

Lovingly cared for and happy children, satisfied, grateful and resilient parents at work, as well as a committed educational and care team as reliable caregivers who are happy and motivated to come to work every day, are the optimal result of high-quality conditions in elementary education.

– Daniela Gattringer, Head of Company Kindergarten, AVL List GmbH

  • Completed training as an elementary teacher or childcare worker
  • Completed additional training is an advantage
  • Enthusiasm for artistic and creative activities
  • Loving and empathetic interaction with children aged 1-6 years, preferably also someone who already has children themselves
  • Communicative and social skills (team and parent work)
  • References from the training organization, internships or previous employers desired/requested
  • Very good German and good English skills
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