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AVL Application Services focus on customers with their respective development and testing tasks. Do you have need for test planning, test execution, or measurement data evaluation? Does your development and testing process have to be improved? Do you need to use new tools or apply new test methods? AVL Application Services supports you in mastering the development and testing challenges of modern propulsion systems.

The spectrum of applications ranges from holistic concepts for improving test lab productivity, to applications for automated test execution, test validation, and data evaluation, to the realization and implementation of customer-specific functions.

Our motivation is to help you shorten development and/or testing times, and to increase measurement data quality.

The technological transition towards electrification is a game changer. Companies are looking for partners who can add innovation & knowledge. Investments need to pay off quickly. Quality and operational effectiveness are considered enablers to bring products to the market early. Reduced development times and budgets as well as technical necessity (e.g., for ADAS development) lead to an increased need for simulation and the frontloading of testing activities.

AVL Application & Process Services

Additionally, the digital transformation of the industry and big data analysis have started playing a major role in modern propulsion development. AVL Application Services offer solution competency, combining powertrain, simulation, and testing know-how. Dedicated support helps mastering the complexity of the testing systems and enables customers to generate the expected value.

process services
  • Adaptation / optimization of the testing process to new development requirements, considering the aspects of cost, time pressure and data quality
  • Integration of all testing systems with focus on the customer application
  • Standardization of automated test runs, data post processing routines, library concepts, workflows, and administrative tasks
  • Comprehensive support for the development and implementation of customer-specific simulation models
  • Implementation / adaptation of state of the art testing methodology
  • Development of software migration concepts
  • Test lab productivity consulting and assessment of skills and roles within the testing organization
AVL E-Library
AVL E-Library

AVL’s E-Library is a mindful solution that introduces simplicity when dealing with e-testing complexity, provides a fast track to productivity, and offers reassurance that targets will be met – putting your mind at ease and allowing you to enter the market with full confidence.

AVL Application Support
Application Support

AVL Application Support is the right hub for any application and adaptation, related to Software.

AVL Application Services help create efficient testing applications, ranging from standard parameterization tasks to the implementation of new testing methodologies. We uniquely combine powertrain, simulation, and testing know-how and facilitate the cooperation between product engineering and test laboratory.

Our customers experience the convenience of having a competent partner at hand, giving them the confidence to meet the challenging expectations of the market.

AVL Application Services

AVL Application Services have a global footprint of more than 140 application engineers located all over the world.
You will find competent partners right at your doorstep, who will support you with your challenges related to automation, methodology development and transfer, entry into the world of electrification, data evaluation, and data management.

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