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AVL Application Support

AVL Application Support is a high-level engineering service, aiming to support both testing facility as well as development engineers in making best use of the testing system. This often includes the creation and implementation of customer specific scripts, to extend automation and post-processing applications, thus boosting the efficiency of testing and development.

In addition, common tasks include the development and integration of simulation models. These simulation models can range from single simulated components such as a gearbox via electrified powertrain components to entire vehicle models and environment simulation to enable front-loading of real-road driving onto the testbeds.

The development and testing of modern propulsion systems is an increasingly challenging task. In addition to complexity, the technical diversity of drive systems is also growing. Hybrids, battery-electric drives, and fuel cells are expanding the spectrum beyond gasoline and diesel engines. 
But that’s not all, there is also a strong need to pull tasks forward in the development process. Virtualization plays a decisive role in this.

Market Challenges

Full leverage of the potential of a test lab 

A modern testing facility represents a significant investment. Only if utilized to its full potential with regards to capability and capacity the return of invest is maximized. 

Optimal preparation of testing environment

A modern testbed often consists of a large number of subsystems which have to interact seamlessly. Integrating these separate systems into a single solution is a challenge.

Efficient test preparation and execution

Robust testing routines which not only enable unmanned operation but are also runtime-optimized, are the basis for high productivity in the test lab. State-of- the-art development methodology requires excellent data quality to be achieved.

Facility standards and common data structure

Interchangeability within a test laboratory or across sites is desired to increase flexibility in test planning. Maintaining a standard that is easy to manage and administrate is an ongoing task. With a view to data analytics and big data, a common data structure is of particular importance. 

AVL Application Support

Based on customer requirements, the engineers of our global AVL Application Support team develop efficient testing applications. Thanks to their high level of solution expertise - combining powertrain, simulation, and testing know-how - they are best equipped to adapt state-of-the-art methodology and automation strategies (incl. data post-processing), perform standard application tasks and maximize achievable results using existing test equipment. Through AVL Application Support, you also benefit from exclusive expertise in AVL testing technology. This partnership gives you the confidence to meet the demanding requirements of today's propulsion system development. 

Competent partner from one source

We uniquely combine powertrain, simulation, test and data analysis expertise and speak your language in more than one way.

Fully implemented testing use-cases

Testing Use Cases are realized making the best possible use of your system capabilities and integrated into your processes.

Support for your test lab objectives

In addition to boosting productivity and ensuring data quality, our applications also support the monitoring of your test lab objectives.


An AVL application engineer comes on-site to the customer for the time required to develop and integrate the application. The setup of all necessary subsystems and an introduction to the use of the application are part of the service provision, documentation is also prepared and handed over.


Applications can also be developed remotely. Either the customer can grant access to a development environment or one of our development environments will be configured accordingly. The application will be provided as a package including documentation and setup instructions. 

Off-the-shelf Applications

For specific use-cases off-the-shelf applications are available. These applications range from post-processing and automation applications, via simulation models to entire test-libraries. All these come as packages including documentation and installation instructions.

Managing Change for the Better

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With built-in and ready to use domain know-how, CONCERTO empowers data-driven engineers to become a strong development influencer.

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