Software Maintenance

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With software maintenance, AVL ensures the value and stability of AVL software for the customer throughout the entire product life cycle

Software Maintenance

Software Maintenance makes a major contribution to protecting our customers' test systems. By providing regular enhancement releases we offer our customers functional improvements important for smooth testbed and testfield operation and fulfilling daily testing tasks. Additionally, we support our customers to stay up-to-date with their IT roadmap via maintenance releases. Solving SW bugs through product patches is as important as minimizing system downtime and the need to comply with relevant legislation. All this is offered at minimal yearly fixed cost.

Our customers are often confronted with constantly changing IT environments and an increasing number of security breaches. Both of these have put additional pressure on IT systems and environments in testing facilities.
Customers frequently request up-to-date testbed software including corrective fixes and new functional improvements as they see this as the ideal way to protect the value of their test systems.

Software Maintenance
Software Maintenance

Our software business model includes a one-time license fee for perpetual licenses and annual service-level contracts. This applies to lab software and office software, including:

  • Software enhancements – continuous product improvement with new features and functions
  • Software maintenance – corrective and preventive maintenance for standard software
  • Product patches

We also have a 24/7 customer-specific self-service portal, which lets you download software quickly and easily. Here you will find all your service information, the latest documentation, and review the release schedule.

Software Always Up-to-Date

Latest software functions and features always available, easy and quick download via our customer specific self-service portal

Financial Flexibility

Remain financially flexible as operational expenses can be used on a yearly basis, cutting down high investment costs

IT Security is Key

Effective security protects against malware and viruses 

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SW Maintenance and Support
Software Maintenance and Support

In today’s testing environment it is key that the Software is operational as long as possible and technically feasible. Software need to be valuably throughout its lifecycle within secured budgetary frame conditions.


Rapidly changing IT environments, emissions legislation, safety threads, and technology trends require a continuous adaption of all testing systems. 
AVL CARE™ take all these aspects into account.

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