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The demand for batteries is booming as industries shift towards electrification, yet the uncertain landscape of battery technologies poses challenges for developers and manufacturers. A strategic approach for battery testing is essential to navigate these uncertainties efficiently and effectively.  

We dive into the complexities of battery testing processes and the need to optimize them for reliability and efficiency. Additionally, we explore innovative solutions to meet the evolving demands of the industry.

With the rise of electric vehicles and renewable energy sources, batteries have become critical components of the modern energy ecosystem. However, battery technology is uncertain, with conflicting development goals like energy density, power, safety, and cost reduction. The heavily growing battery demand requires a robust testing infrastructure, posing technological, logistical, and financial challenges. To address future market demands, scaling battery testing intelligently, optimizing processes, and leveraging data analytics with artificial intelligence are essential.

Battery Testing Software with Tester

At AVL, we understand the importance of optimizing battery testing procedures to meet the ever-evolving needs of the industry. Our approach revolves around three key pillars.

Lab Efficiency

We focus on maximizing the output of battery testing laboratories through efficient and effective operations. By leveraging intelligent scheduling algorithms and process automation, we minimize downtime and maximize resource utilization.

Test Optimization

Test Optimization

Our AI-driven optimization approach aims to reduce test times while ensuring the quality and reliability of data. Through advanced analytics and modeling techniques, we accelerate the testing process without compromising accuracy.

Virtual Lab

Data Analytics

We harness the power of data analytics with AI to turn test data into actionable insights that enable informed decision-making and continuous improvement. By correlating data from multiple sources, including simulation, testing and fleet behavior, we uncover hidden patterns and optimize test procedures.

Data Analytics
Gerald Sammer

In the fast-paced global competition for electromobility, AVL offers pioneering solutions that help battery and vehicle manufacturers shorten their time-to-market.

- Dr. Gerald Sammer, Principal Business Development Manager, Battery & BEV, AVL

Explore our portfolio of successful implementations and case studies showcasing AVL's expertise in battery testing optimization. From automotive to energy storage applications, our solutions have enabled clients to streamline their testing processes, reduce time-to-market, and enhance product performance. 

Discover how AVL's innovative approaches have revolutionized battery testing operations across diverse industries, driving efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. Join us on a journey of exploration and innovation as we pave the way towards a sustainable energy future. 

Concerto Battery Testing Toolbox
AVL Cameo 5

AVL CAMEO 5™ unlocks a new maturity level of calibration and validation in automotive software testing. 

Solutions for the Virtualization of Development Processes

Virtualize your development process from configuration to SOP.

Lab Management
Lab Management Software Solution

Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your test lab.


With built-in and ready to use domain know-how, CONCERTO empowers data-driven engineers to become a strong development influencer.

Creta Key Visual

CRETA is a calibration data lifecycle management system designed for the calibration of all vehicle control units.

AVL Data Analytics Key Visual
AVL Data Analytics™

AVL Data Analytics™ is a cloud-first software solution built for the needs of today's automotive engineers, driving powerful data insights and effective actions at scale.


Moving steadily into the future: Find out what’s brand new in the field of battery performance testing.

Battery Testing Software with Tester
Mastering Battery Testing Performance and Analysis

Join us in our webinar series focused on optimizing battery testing performance, where we address how the market readiness of new batteries and electric vehicles can be accelerated.


Three Key Pillars to Optimize Battery Testing Performance

Discover in this webinar how the time to market for new batteries and electric vehicles can be shortened.

Test Optimization
How to Optimize Lab Efficiency for Battery Testing

As industry leaders, we understand the critical role that efficient laboratory operations play in achieving optimal performance results for battery testing. In this webinar we are happy to share our strategies to maximize the utilization of your lab's resources.

Virtual Lab
How to Reduce Test Time for Battery Testing

In this webinar, we will focus on how methodology can support the development and testing of battery cells or packs and what improvements can be achieved by applying these methods.

Data Analytics
How to Better Analyze Battery Data Using AI

This webinar elaborates how to better analyze data using AI in the context of battery testing. The webinar discusses the rationale behind the need for better data analysis, including the remaining useful life of a battery as determined by its health.

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