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AVL Virtual Studio represents a paradigm shift in virtual testing, offering a holistic solution to the complex challenges faced by modern test systems. With its modular design, seamless integration, and user-friendly interface, it empowers users to unlock new possibilities in testing and validation, driving innovation and progress in the automotive industry.


Welcome to AVL Virtual Studio, the innovative solution designed to revolutionize virtual testing. AVL Virtual Studio isn't just another software product; it's a comprehensive virtual testing experience aimed at addressing the complex challenges faced by modern test systems. Let's delve into what AVL Virtual Studio is all about, why it's essential, how it works, its benefits, and key features. 

In our fast-paced world, achieving consistent virtualization across testing systems is paramount. This practice offers two key benefits. Firstly, it facilitates early validation and problem prediction, allowing for earlier identification and resolution of issues that might arise in later stages. Secondly, seamless virtualization across different testing systems streamlines the development process, leading to greater efficiency. 

Physical test systems, hardware-in-the-loop (HIL), and software-in-the-loop (SIL) systems frequently operate in isolation, with limited compatibility due to their reliance on specific toolchains. AVL Virtual Studio addresses this challenge by introducing a unified platform that seamlessly integrates with your existing processes and toolchains. From harmonizing virtualization across various testing environments to managing complex hardware and software validation, AVL Virtual Studio delivers the adaptability and efficiency you need. 

Physical test systems, hardware-in-the-loop (HIL), and software-in-the-loop (SIL) systems often suffer from incompatibility due to reliance on separate toolchains. AVL Virtual Studio bridges this gap with a unified platform that integrates with your existing workflows. It offers the flexibility to harmonize virtualization across different testing setups and simplifies complex hardware/software validation processes, boosting efficiency. 


In its core design philosophy, AVL Virtual Studio is made to remove any dependency on any testing systems. This philosophy is applied for offered application libraries of AVL Virtual Studio and also to existing virtualization assets. AVL Virtual Studio uses a unique abstraction technique that isolate the dependency of virtualization assets, parameters, configurations, model to hardware interactions and many other aspects. Hence, the overwhelming, error prone and time-consuming configurations are replaced by automated and streamlined process that basically fits to many test environments. Moreover, the experts of virtualization and simulation integrate their models into test system without being experts of the test system and its toolchain. 

AVL Virtual Studio takes a modular and flexible approach, offering dedicated modules tailored to meet the varying needs of customers. 

The Composer Package abstracts test configurations from specific test systems, enabling seamless integration and adaptation across different platforms. It empowers remote configuration management, simulation, and test preparation, cutting down on manual work and downtime. The Ready and Open package cater to different experience levels by providing ready-to-use test libraries, validated models, and customizable environments. Whether you're new to virtualization or an expert, AVL Virtual Studio has the tools and support to help you thrive. 


Battery Testing Challenges

Ease of Integration

It seamlessly integrates virtualization into existing test systems, enhancing their capabilities without the need for extensive reconfiguration or expertise. Its modular design ensures compatibility with diverse setups, fostering a smooth transition and maximizing efficiency. 

Increased Test Coverage

By harmonizing virtualization across different test environments, AVL Virtual Studio expands the scope of testing and validation processes. From conventional vehicle simulations to advanced electric powertrains, AVL Virtual Studio empowers users to tackle a wide range of applications with confidence. 

Streamlined Operations

AVL Virtual Studio simplifies complex tasks such as test configuration, simulation, and test cycle preparation, reducing manual effort and minimizing downtime. Its intuitive interface and unified user experience enhance collaboration and knowledge transfer across different test environments, fostering greater productivity and innovation. 

Ready Package

Provides ready-to-use test libraries, validated models, and predefined configurations for easy application. 

Open Package

Offers a flexible execution environment for integrating third-party simulation tools and high-performance models.

Composer Package

Abstracts test configurations, facilitates remote management, simulation, and test cycle preparation.

AVL Virtual Studio - Brochure

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