Sustainable Mobility in the Lifecycle

From design to end-of-life.

Our proven services tackle various viewpoints on technology, energy, CO2, costs, and the market environment.

Sustainable Mobility in the Lifecycle

In response to the global climate-related trends we provide analysis and optimization strategies for sustainable product lifecycles. These proven methods simultaneously cover technology, energy, CO2 as well as costs and are accompanied by our continuously updated databases and industry standards.

OEMs and their industry partners increasingly need to take over responsibility of the CO2 impact along the whole lifecycle and the entire supply chain. This responsibility starts with the mining of raw materials and extends to second use and the recycling phase.

Sustainable Mobility Carbon Footprint
Sustainable Mobility Life Cycle

Analysis of the CO2 footprint of your supply chain

  • We analyze supplier and customer production processes for components (e.g. battery cells) and powertrains

Optimization of your CO2 footprint

  • We identify tangible measures for optimizing the production process based on previous analysis and assessments of investments in CO2 reduction

Sustainable design of components and vehicle systems

  • CO2 is considered as target parameter in all design steps

CO2 battery benchmarking

  • You will receive detailed information on the CO2 impact of battery manufacturing, used materials and costs

CO2 supply chain audits and certification

  • We can coordinate audits, validate and verify collected data and results

Our proven services tackle various viewpoints on technology, energy, CO2, costs, and the market environment.

Customized Sustainability Strategies

Our customized sustainability strategies condense the most sophisticated powertrain design and engineering know-how combined with real-life product and production data.

Detailed Lifecycle Know-how 

Full understanding and expertise of the CO2 impact on the supply chain in a combination of real-world measured values with CO2 modeling.

Digital Twin from Production to Recycling

We apply a digital twin approach for energy-based control and scheduling of production.

Raw Material composition of components

Analysis report for used raw materials in a component. Suggestions of alternative suppliers and materials.

CO2 footprint of energy carriers and availability

Report with benchmarking results of different energy carriers and their CO2 footprint from well-to-wheel. We include the availability for defined powertrains and regions.

CO2 Hot spot analysis in Bill-of-Material

Qualitative evaluation of bill-of-material (BOM) in respect to CO2. The Identification of main CO2 drivers and potential counter measures is included.

Supply chain audit

Planning and execution of supply chain audits and certification. Coordination of audits, validation and verification of collected data and results.

Whitepaper Carbon Taxation (CBAM)

The Impact of Carbon Taxation on the Automotive Industry: How to manage CO2e in the production with a focus on the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM)


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