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AVL Big Data

AVL BIG DATA was established in India in 2018, with a mission to transform industries through advanced data analytics and AI-driven solutions. Our team comprises skilled data scientists and big data engineers, guided by seasoned leadership. Leveraging the expertise from ITS (Instrumentation & Test Systems) and ITC (India Technical Centre), we bring unparalleled insight and innovation to our clients.

Uniquely positioned to deliver data analytics for the automotive, manufacturing, and healthcare sectors, we build on AVL's strength. Our capability to scale up, combined with significant cost advantages, sets us apart.

We solve complex engineering tasks with big data and machine learning, implement customized data solutions to increase development efficiency, and provide holistic end-to-end support for data-driven projects in your environment.

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Harnessing Data Science for Revolutionary Industrial Solutions

Discover how our latest data science innovations are transforming industries. From predictive maintenance and anomaly detection to advanced computer vision and AI-powered analytics, our solutions drive unparalleled efficiency and precision. Explore the future of smart operations with our revolutionary technologies.

1. Smart Plant Operations Suite (MARS): Illuminating the Path to Smart Manufacturing

  • Anomaly Detect Pro: Early anomaly detection using advanced algorithms for smooth and efficient plant operations.
  • Similarity Analytics: Identifying abnormal behavior with sophisticated similarity metrics for proactive maintenance.
  • Maintenance Manager: Optimizing equipment upkeep schedules to minimize downtime and maximize efficiency.
  • Smart Rules: Customizable rules for condition-based alerts ensuring timely intervention and monitoring.

2. Daksh Mitra - Instant Maintenance Solutions with AI
Revolutionize maintenance processes with AI-driven instant solutions, enhancing efficiency, cost savings, and decision-making.

3. Excelize OCR Insights 
Automate data extraction from screens into Excel sheets, streamlining information organization and future report consolidation.

4. AutoCount Glass: Efficiency in Every Image
Automate the counting of vertical glass stacks using advanced computer vision analytics for precise and efficient operations.

5. AI-Powered Sound Analytics
Automate engine fault detection by analyzing sound patterns with machine learning, improving efficiency and accuracy.

6. EV Battery Innovation Center Digitalization
Streamline battery information with an interactive Power BI dashboard, consolidating data for cost-efficient monitoring and development.

MD Sir India

AVL in India has been a trusted partner for Indian and Global OEMs operating in the sub-continent for more than 40 years. With a dedicated team of more than 900 employees spread across all automotive hubs in India, we are offering localized solutions with global standards. 

India is going to be the growth engine for the global economy, and we are more than prepared for the upcoming challenges and look forward to the exciting future.

- Mr. Shashi Singh, MD, AVL India.

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Meet us and exchange with our experts on latest mobility technologies and trends.

AVL TechDay E-Motor

Trends and challenges in everyday development

The Way to Euro 7

In November 2022 the European Commission announced the publication of its proposal for Euro 7.

AVL SIM Conference
AVL SIM Conference 2023
Novi, MI 48374, United States

Explore the new trends and technologies shaping the mobility industry at the AVL Simulation Conference 2023.


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AVL Brain

Incorporated in the year 1984 as Joint Venture with AVL List GmbH Austria

AVL India Gurgaon

Built Manufacturing facility Spread over 10,000 sqm of Land In Gurgaon (Haryana) in 1992. 

AVL India Technical Center

AVL India Technical Center Pvt Ltd.

AVL Big Data

AVL Big Data India Pvt. Ltd.

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AVL BIG DATA India Pvt. Ltd.
AVL Big Data
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