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AVL Korea is constantly striving to become the trusted mobility partner in Korea. From engineering service, instrumentation and test systems, and to software and simulation, AVL Korea has been a trusted partner to enable customer’s development and growth.

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3F, Icon Yeoksam bldg., 8, Teheran-ro 44-gil, Gangnam-gu
South Korea

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AVL Korea was founded in 1991 and has grown as a mobility technology partner for a wide range of customers, including engineering companies, research institutes, universities, and in general Korean automobile industry for more than 30 years.
AVL Korea enables customers to enhance their technology development capabilities by providing various solutions from simulation software to test and measurement equipment, engineering services and consulting.

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Branches (including 1 HQ, 1 Technical Center, 1 Service Application Center) 


Main Departments (Engineering Service, Instrumentation and Test Systems, Software and Simulation)  


Next Generation Vehicle Engineering
Vehicle Engineering

Whether passenger cars or commercial vehicles – we factor in existing and new technologies as we bring your individual requirements in line with end user expectations. Our focus is on virtual and functional vehicle development, as well as integration of the vehicle systems into the vehicle. 

AVL Software Key Visual

Software plays an integral role not only in the vehicle development process, but also in the driver experience. Today, consumers expect more intelligent, comfortable, and safe mobility. To achieve this, we combine our deep application know-how with our software development capabilities and cutting-edge simulation and testing solutions.


We are relentlessly striving towards climate-neutral mobility. Not just by increasing the efficiency of multiple propulsion systems, but also by pioneering energy from green resources.

Automated and Connected Mobility
Automated and Connected Mobility

Self-driving cars – which once seemed to be a thing of imagination or science fiction – will in the not-too-distant future become reality

Jin Hyung Kim

As a leading global mobility technology partner, AVL Korea will continue to support customers with customized solutions and premium engineering services on the latest technology topics including Software-Defined-Vehicle (SDV), Regulatory of Self-Driving Assessment, Hydrogen Economy-based Energy Solutions and Virtual Verification Solutions and Methodologies.

- Jin Hyung Kim, Managing Director and President

Our Portfolio


AVL is a key player in providing mobility engineering services. AVL's key competences lie in design and development services for electrified and fully electric propulsion systems. That means everything from hybrid and battery electric to fuel cell electric and hydrogen combustion engines, and the integration into the vehicle. 
We focus on functional vehicle development and electrical and electronics for the next generation vehicle. Innovations towards a more automated and connected mobility engineering are part of our daily work, and we constantly push the limits of what is possible.

Mobility Engineering
Simulation Solutions

As a proven and much-trusted partner in delivering efficiency gains through virtualization, we provide a wide range of simulation solutions for all propulsion systems and phases of the vehicle development process.
Our experience and expertise allow us to share high- definition insights into the behavior and interactions of components, systems and entire vehicles.

Simulation Solutions
Testing Solutions

As a global pioneer, we have innovated automotive test systems for decades. We provide advanced tools and methodologies to ensure an energy-efficient, fast, and reliable development, testing and validation for various applications and industries.
Our offering comprises a great variety of solutions connecting different development environments. AVL and third-party products, systems and software can be seamlessly integrated and tailored to the workflow of the user.

Testing Solutions

Our upcoming Events

Meet us and exchange with our experts on latest mobility technologies and trends.

AVL TechDay E-Motor

Trends and challenges in everyday development

The Way to Euro 7

In November 2022 the European Commission announced the publication of its proposal for Euro 7.

AVL SIM Conference
AVL SIM Conference 2023
Novi, MI 48374, United States

Explore the new trends and technologies shaping the mobility industry at the AVL Simulation Conference 2023.


1991 2007 2008 2019 2021
Korea History

Founded in Korea 

Korea History 2

Made agreement w. INHA Univ. on Technology Research Institute and Opened Korea Technology Center (KTC)

Korea History 3

ISO 9001:2008 certificate acquisition

History 4

Opened Service Application Center at Ansan

Korea History 5

Jin Hyung Kim was awarded by the Prime Minister in recognition of AVL Korea’s contribution to the national economic and social development by attracting government foreign investment (FDI).

Our locations

South Korea
AVL Korea Headquarters
AVL Brain
Location type
Affiliate Headquarters
3F, Icon Yeoksam bldg., 8, Teheran-ro 44-gil, Gangnam-gu
Gangdong-gu 06210 Seoul
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+82 2 580 5800
South Korea
Ansan Service Application Center
Reimagining Motion
Location type
Application Center
#318, 453, Byeolmang-ro, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si,
Ansan-si 15599 Gyeonggi-do
+82 80 576 1234
South Korea
Korea Technical Center (KTC)
AVL Brain
Location type
Tech Center
36, Gaetbeol-ro, Yeonsu-gu
Yeonsu-gu 14991 Incheon
+82 32 722 7300
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