AVL Scenario Designer™

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Simple designing, editing, parameterizing and verifying of ADAS/AD test scenarios.

AVL Scenario Designer™

How can you check whether an automated driving function is safe in all situations? To answer this question with certainty, billions of test kilometers would be required. A more efficient and sustainable solution is scenario-based testing.

AVL Scenario Designer™ is the most intuitive tool to quickly design complex test scenarios. Specify safety-critical traffic situations to test your automated vehicle. Open standards allow you to reuse the created scenarios in any test environment from simulation to proving ground.

Testing software for automated driving is a challenge in many aspects. After all, autonomous vehicles must be equally safe for passengers and all other traffic participants. An enormous amount of testing is required to ensure this safety. It is important to consider that if changes are made to the software, the test series starts all over again. Such a massive testing volume can simply no longer be managed efficiently with physical tests and real prototypes. A paradigm shift towards virtualization is the logical next step.

AVL Scenario Designer™ - Pedestrian Crossing Scenario


ADAS/AD functions must be safe for everyone.


Scenario-based testing is very efficient.


Reduce your environmental footprint by using fewer physical prototypes.


Creating virtual test scenarios requires expertise and time.

Thanks to the intuitive graphical user interface, you can easily create various test scenarios yourself with Scenario Designer. Every scenario is based on map data in ASAM OpenDRIVE format. In addition, you are provided with a catalog of different road users - from pedestrians to bicycles and cars to trucks - as well as 20 conditions and 25 actions. This allows you to model a wide variety of traffic situations. The integrated scenario playback function allows you to check and adjust the individual scenarios during the design process. 

Scenario Designer supports the ASAM OpenSCENARIO standard. All scenarios can therefore be reused in a wide variety of test environments. From simulation to proving ground.

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Scenario Designer supports the ASAM OpenSCEANRIO standard, facilitating industry-wide collaboration.

Short Learning Curve

The intuitive usability minimizes the time-to-productive.

Time Saving

Scenario Designer enables easy and fast creation of different scenarios.

Road Library & Road Builder

You can import road networks from various sources into the Scenario Designer Road Library. These can be existing roads extracted from measurement or map data, but also application-specific designed roads. In addition, the Road Builder add-on allows you to create typical road segments such as slip roads or intersections from parameterizable templates in a matter of seconds.

Integrated Scenario Playback

Supports live scenario editing and allows you to review scenarios while you design them.

AVL Scenario Designer™ - Lane Change
AVL Scenario Designer™ - Lane Change

Integrated Into the AVL SCENIUS™ Toolchain for Scenario-Based Testing

Scenario Designer is seamlessly connected to the AVL SCENIUS™ Scenario Data Manager. This enables company-wide collaboration when creating and managing scenario catalogs in a shared database. At the same time, the SCENIUS toolchain offers an end-2-end workflow for scenario-based testing and reliable validation of automated driving functions.

Image of SCENIUS Application for ADAS/AD Testing

Experience AVL Scenario Designer™ for Yourself

Master scenario-based testing and get to know our simulation solution Scenario Designer in the AVL Experience Cloud. Based on the vision of an interactive knowledge platform, the Experience Cloud is your interactive showroom for AVL's future-proof software solutions:

  • Learn more about the software.
  • Get to know Scenario Designer for yourself thanks to the free trial version and experience the intuitive usability for yourself.
  • Get in touch with our Success Manager and let us advise you personally.


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Image of SCENIUS Application for ADAS/AD Testing

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AVL Scenario Simulator™
AVL Scenario Simulator™

How can you tell whether an automated driving function is safe in all situations? To answer this question with certainty, billions of test kilometers would be required. A more efficient and sustainable solution is virtual scenario-based testing.

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