Efficient Driving Pleasure

Balance energy efficiency and driving pleasure


The technical complexity of modern vehicles and the desire for a sustainable development process require new, innovative solutions. The search for the ideal vehicle concept, calibration, testing and validation are therefore becoming increasingly virtual. This is where AVL VSM™ comes into play.

VSM is a comprehensive and flexible real-time simulation tool that allows you to consider vehicle characteristics and driving behavior along with energy efficiency. Furthermore, the software offers you the possibility to predict both together already in the first development steps.

Modern vehicles are complex systems. The individual components of different systems can no longer be considered in isolation, as they strongly influence each other. The electric drive unit characteristics, for example, influences drivability, performance, handling, and energy efficiency. Added to this is the increasing role of software controls in the vehicle. Chassis, powertrain and other vehicle controls are intended to provide greater comfort, performance and also safety. 

The trend goes towards ever shorter development cycles: virtualization of the development and testing process seems to be the logical consequence of keeping up with the pace. For this, reliable and validated vehicle models are a must.

Vehicle System and Chassis Simulation

Validated Vehicle Models

For accurate predictions and easy model setup without compromising project budget and duration.

Comprehensive Simulation

Which enables an application from the target definition to the real time calibration and testing.

Cost Pressure

Physical tests require prototypes, are time-consuming and staff-intensive, and thus costly.


The number of interacting and therefore interdependent components is increasing. 


The development time is not always balanced with the development effort.

VSM is a comprehensive, flexible and real-time capable simulation tool  for the development and optimization of vehicle characteristics and driving behavior from initial concept to the test phase. The nonlinear multi-body approach enables accurate representation of longitudinal, lateral and vertical dynamic effects in an office environment as well as various real-time test environments. 

Vehicle modeling in VSM is supported by the integrated Vehicle Model Factory (VMF). VMF is the unique ability to create validated virtual prototypes based on road data and a few key parameters.


Virtual Vehicle as the Basis for Development

Rely on validated vehicle data throughout your entire development process.

Time and Cost Savings

Reduce the number of prototypes and physical tests through virtualization. 

Holistic Development Approach

Consider the vehicle and its components jointly and optimize vehicle attributes holistically.

Vehicle Model Factory

Create unlimited virtual vehicle prototypes based on road measurements and massively reduce costly and time-consuming component testing. 

VSM enables you to create your own complete vehicle simulation models with just a few clicks. To do this, you can parameterize the supplied vehicle templates with your own data. Or you can use validated models of vehicles available on AVL database.

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Track and Environment Creation

Predict vehicle behavior in various scenarios by realistic 3D track and environment simulation. 

VSM allows you to create custom driving routes to test different driving maneuvers. Import road data from Google Maps or use existing GPS data as a basis. Design your own maneuver sequences, parameterize the driving behavior or fall back on ready-made standard maneuvers.

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Vehicle Controls

The right controls are not always available. That's why VSM offers you a wide range of vehicle controls to be used during the early stages. Take advantage of the integrated virtual vehicle controls, which you can of course easily adapt to your requirements and your vehicle.

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Experience AVL VSM™ for Yourself

Master your complete vehicle development and get to know our comprehensive simulation solution VSM on the AVL Experience Cloud. Based on the vision of an interactive knowledge platform, the Experience Cloud is your interactive showroom for AVL's future-proof software solutions:

  • Explore all features of VSM in blog articles and live demos.
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AVL White Paper - Virtual Vehicle Concept Definition

Read our white paper on how to define a successful vehicle concept to balance vehicle efficiency and driving attributes and learn how OEMs like Hyundai benefit from using AVL’s simulation solution.

Vehicle System and Chassis Simulation
Vehicle System and Chassis Simulation

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Virtual Vehicle Development & Testing with AVL VSM™

The push for greater efficiency combined with the need to accomplish attractive driving characteristics is greater than ever. 

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