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AVL CAMEO 5™ is the most efficient, independent, and goal-oriented validation and verification software for test sequencing, design of experiments (DoE), and optimization. From E-Drive over Battery to Fuel Cell: Minimize your effort in any test environment.

AVL Cameo 5

Vehicles are increasingly becoming software-defined, requiring rapid and frequent updates. Given the safety-critical nature of the automotive environment, ensuring robust software deployment is essential. This requires thorough verification and validation (V&V) to confirm that the software meets specified requirements and aligns with customer expectations.

To ensure compliance with industry standards, all system specifications must be documented in a lifecycle for tracking tests. While this practice is established in software development, the new challenge is testing each software update with the appropriate vehicle hardware before release. This ensures the software and hardware combination performs as specified, minimizing risks to the end customer.

That is where AVL CAMEO comes in: from system testing in E-Drive to Battery and Fuel Cell over Hybrid applications– with CAMEO, you can go beyond standard parameter optimization and testing and rely on a go-to solution that helps you scale your testing efficiency independent of the test environment while saving time, effort, and resources.

CAMEO for E-Drive

Turbocharge the development of your e-Mobility

CAMEO for Battery

Enter the cosmos of smart cell development

CAMEO for Fuel Cell

Power up your fuel cell testing and calibration


Frontloading, a key trend in the automotive industry, involves shifting tests to controlled environments like testbeds, Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL), and Software-in-the-Loop (SiL) set-ups to reduce time and costs associated with prototype vehicles. SiL set-ups offer high automation and parallelization, allowing errors to be found quickly in a harmless environment. At the same time, real testbeds operate in real-time without parallelization, risking prototype hardware from software errors. Ideally, software testing progresses from virtual set-ups to incorporating hardware components, with the climax in a complete vehicle system test.

Each testing environment has unique automation systems and control parameters, requiring tests across all respective systems. This is where CAMEO's new software interfaces reshape the landscape of seamless testing: these interfaces empower DevOps engineers to deliver automated testing, providing fast feedback on the software/system behavior. CAMEO offers a comprehensive frontloading solution across various domains, significantly enhancing testing efficiency and saving time, effort, and resources.

CAMEO elevates software testing with advanced features like functional testing and AI-driven active DoE, offering a unified and globally accessible platform for calibration and validation. It goes beyond standard optimization and relies on a go-to solution that helps to scale the testing efficiency while saving time, effort, and resources.

CAMEO’s adaptability makes it a perfect fit for a wide range of environments and use cases in the automotive industry, supporting all test types: 

  • Calibration and optimization tests
  • Validation tests (e.g., grid measurements or time-based traces)
  • Software/functional tests
  • All types can be mixed to maximize the high utilization of testing environments.
  • Build-in of methodologies to increase efficiency.
  • The tests can be set up easily once and reused in other environments, facilitated by numerous interfaces to automation and application tools.
  • Seamless integration in an automotive DevOps environment

Multiple Applications

Global test optimization and calibration functions meet with functional testing in one efficient software solution for the first time.

Time- and Cost Reduction

Serving as a single source of data truth, it saves up 40% time and effort – 24/7, unmanned, and worldwide.

Incresead Testing Effectiveness

Patented Active DoE and AI Machine-Learning provide optimization for the testing process. 

We designed CAMEO to support you in many ways:

Streamlined Solution for Functional Testing

CAMEO integrates functional testing into a unified software solution, supporting global tests, optimization, V&V, and calibration. It extracts and interprets test requirements, generates the test in CAMEO, and thus facilitates the execution in various environments. Automated reporting and data transfer streamline the process, seamlessly integrating them into automation pipelines. .

Smooth Test-Transition Across Testing Environments

With CAMEO, a test needs to be set up only once. In addition, the test environments can be effortlessly switched. This is enabled by the CAMEO architecture: the test and test system are split. Furthermore, CAMEO supports various test environments (such as SiL, HiL, testbeds, and vehicle environments) thanks to its numerous interfaces (such as ASAM-XiL and PUMA). 

Optimizing Testing Processes With Artificial Intelligence

AVL's solution delivers precise measurements and consistently reliable targeted results. Through CAMOE's Active DoE, test designs are strategically guided, aligning with desired objectives. 

Marijn Hollander

Our software is constantly in development and is now the all-in-one platform with integrated functional testing for automotive software and enables the integration into a DevOps toolchain.

– Marijn Hollander, Senior Group Product Manager, AVL

Experience Cloud

Enrich your testing, calibration, and validation efficiency and discover the pioneering software solution CAMEO with its multiple applications and services on AVL Experience Cloud.  As an unmatched interactive platform, the AVL Experience Cloud is specifically designed to give you profound insights into AVL’s outstanding automotive software solutions:

  • Explore the latest features in how-to-articles and/or live demos,
  • Learn more about our products in comprehensive expert tutorials,
  • Get one-on-one support from international success managers, 
  • And much more

Dig deeper for elaborated facts and figures, download extended information, and learn about technical backgrounds that help you harness the full power of CAMEO.

Are you curious about our extended portfolio? Discover how CAMEO smoothly fits with AVL’s entire product and solution landscape.

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Moving steadily into the future: Find out what’s brand new in the field of CAMEO.

AVL Cameo 5
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