AVL SPECTRA™ Universal Inverter

Created for the quantum leap.

Versatile and easy-to-use inverter emulator improves your e-motor and inverter development and testing processes.

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The size of the electric vehicle market is rapidly increasing and so is the electrified powertrain portfolio consisting of plug-in hybrid, battery electric and fuel cell vehicles, to name but a few of the electrified technologies that are currently leading the market.This growing portfolio increases the need for testing devices, especially in early stages of development. Early on, components are developed separately and only combined into a system later on. One of these parts is the e-motor, which often needs to be tested without having an inverter available. The inverter is also a component, whose software requires testing before its hardware is available.

Developers and manufacturers of e-drives (e-motor + inverter) require highly versatile testing capabilities to ensure coverage of various types of units under test (UUT). They need the possibility to validate their e-motors and even control strategies and algorithms without having the inverter hardware available. Cost pressures are also increasing, and development efficiency in terms of time and cost remains a crucial factor.

E-Motor Portfolio

Testing a wide range of e-motor types is becoming an industry standard.

Vehicle-like Testing

Creating a test setup that comes closest to real vehicle conditions.

New Technologies

Test an e-motor, even if the inverter is not yet available (for example a SiC MOSFET inverter up to 1000 VDC).

Test Proprietary Control Software

Test how your software behaves at an early stage.

Employing Quantum Leap Technology

The flexible SPECTRA Universal Inverter can be used to test various motor types and offers unique performance. It can be integrated easily within every automation tool and the user is guided through the inverter configuration process. A minimum amount of motor data is needed to be able to start with testing. The fast 1 MHz control via FPGA (field-programmable gate array) technology complements the solution and provides superior control.

  • Supported motor types: EESM, PMSM, IM
  • Automation tool interfaces: EtherCAT, Modbus, CAN, XCP)
  • Supported Encoders: Resolver, SinCos (SSI)
  • 2 and 3 Level Operation
  • Automatic Resolver calibration procedure
  • Cogging torque & ripple compensation functionality
  • Extremely versatile and open control logic


Full SiC converter

Switching frequency

2 – 96 kHz (2 level inverter 2 - 48 kHz, 3 level inverter 10 - 96 kHz)

Control frequency

1 MHz cycle time

Output frequency

max. 4 kHz

DC voltage range

40 – 1000 Vdc

Dimensions LxWxH

Mobile: 1,250 x 700 x 1,300 mm
Cabinet: 800 x 500 x 2,200 mm

Cooling method



One Device for Every Motor

The Universal Inverter supports not only the standard motor types PMSM and IM, but also EESM.

Easy to Use

A guided workflow via the software as well as automatic test procedures guarantee easy setup of motor types and sensors. Previous configurations can be accessed from the e-motor library.

Flexible and Cost Saving

The mobile version allows one unit to be used in any testbed in your facility. Furthermore, the universal inverter can be placed close to the motor to avoid losses due to long cables.

High Performance

Up to 1260 ARMS continuous current without de-rating over switching frequency is just one performance highlight.

Inverter Emulation

The possibility to validate the control structure at an early stage speeds up inverter application development and reduces the number of prototypes.

Wide Range of Modulation Schemes

Access to a wide range of modulation schemes allows testing conditions close to the real traction inverter.

AVL SPECTRA™ Performance Line – Brochure

Superior Technology – with AVL SPECTRA™ Inside.

AVL SPECTRA™ Universal Inverter – Solution Sheet

Versatile testing device for future-proof e-motor and inverter development.

AVL E-Mobility Testing Solutions – Brochure

Tested and Trusted.


The SPECTRA converter system is a modular silicon carbide (SiC) converter able to control wheel dynos at unprecedented levels of control accuracy and dynamics thus helping you to test your powertrain with confidence.

SPECTRA - E-Motor Dyno

High-dynamic load system for e-motor testing with unprecedented control quality.

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