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The SPECTRA converter system is a modular silicon carbide (SiC) converter able to control wheel dynos at unprecedented levels of control accuracy and dynamics thus helping you to test your powertrain with confidence.


As global emissions standards tighten and markets around the world demand both clean mobility and high performance, electrified powertrains are quickly becoming the industry standard. Mild hybrid, battery electric, fuel cell - these are just a few of the electrified technologies currently shaping the future of the automotive industry. This variety of powertrain systems continues to drive demand for versatile test solutions. Drawing on our seven decades of experience in the automotive industry, we have developed a powertrain test solution, AVL SPECTRA, that you can use in a wide range of applications and environments that demand the highest levels of performance.

The shift to electrification presents a number of challenges for the test system: Rapid market demands are shortening development cycles to stay ahead of the competition. Another challenge is space, as existing facilities optimized for internal combustion engines have a limited footprint and must be repurposed for electrified axles. New CO2 legislation is increasing the development effort for all powertrains based on internal combustion engine technology. Finally, electrified powertrains present new challenges at higher frequencies that are not fully reproduced on the testbed. Using the same tool chain throughout the development process makes it easy to integrate the testbed.


Our answer to these challenges is AVL SPECTRA with its quantum leap technology based on SiC and Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technologies. This leads to high switching frequencies of up to 48 kHz coupled with control frequencies up to 192 kHz.

High control dynamics enables simulation models to be calculated with the highest possible speed – enhancing simulation capabilities such as inertia simulation. The control dynamics is coupled with the matching dyno performance of asynchronous machines making it suitable for all typical electrified powertrains from 3,200 Nm up to over 5,000 Nm nominal torque.

SiC technology allows the AVL SPECTRA converter to be integrated in the smallest possible installation space as the footprint has been reduced compared to conventional converters.

The SPECTRA application framework allows a consistent toolchain to be used throughout your development process – use your MATLAB Simulink models for the optimization of NVH, EMC, etc., and run them directly on the SPECTRA control unit.

Active Front End
Nominal Values


440 kVA


880 kVA

Nominal Values
ASM 3250 3,250 Nm, 220 kW
ASM 5000 5,000 Nm, 440 kW


SPECTRA - Wheel Dyno
Highest Development Efficiency

By using SiC and FPGA, high control and switching frequencies can be achieved. This allows the testbed to follow demand values with the highest possible precision.

Outstanding Test Certainty

Bringing control dynamics to a new level enables testing to be as close as possible to real road conditions.

Maximum Flexibility on the Testbed

Large application variety with inertia simulation ensures maximum flexibility on the testbed using higher inertia asynchronous machines (ASM) with SPECTRA technology.

Space and Cost Saving

50% smaller converter cabinet space facilitates a wide range of upgrade scenarios for existing test cells, supporting your path to electrification.

Superior Control

The ultra-fast 1MHz control cycle reduces dead times and allows execution of highly dynamic test cases. In addition, it enables inertia simulation which widens the field of application for your testbed.

High Switching Frequency Without Derating

The fully water-cooled SiC power electronics are capable of high switching frequencies without the drawback of current derating.

AVL SPECTRA™ Performance Line – Brochure

Superior Technology – with AVL SPECTRA™ Inside.

AVL E-Mobility Testing Solutions – Brochure

Tested and Trusted.

AVL SPECTRA™ E-Motor Dyno – Solution Sheet

High-dynamic load system for e-motor testing with unprecedented control quality.

AVL SPECTRA™ E-Motor Dyno Converter – Solution Sheet

Frequency converter system for high speed/high power/high torque dynamometer for e-drive testing.

AVL SPECTRA™ Universal Inverter – Solution Sheet

Versatile testing device for future-proof e-motor and inverter development.


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