AVL PUMA 2™ E-Motor

The ease of automation

AVL PUMA 2™ E-Motor is the best-in-class automation system for e-motor testing offering outstanding user experience, easy customization and unique features like high-precision speed control and vehicle simulation

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Worldwide, more than 60% of all test systems for the development of e-drive systems in use originate from AVL and are powered by the automation system AVL PUMA™. It offers features such as high-precision speed control, rotor position control and vehicle simulation, and combines them with outstanding user experience and easy customization. Thanks to the integration of AVL CAMEO™ and AVL X-ion™, PUMA 2 E-Motor is also set up for advanced e-motor calibration.

As the powertrain becomes increasingly electrified, the variety of hybrid and fully electric engine configurations is constantly growing. To optimize each component of such a wide range of engine types – while making sure they meet the market demands of driving range, efficiency and driveability – requires cutting-edge testbed solutions with world-class functionalities.

This is vital if the increased complexity of the powertrain is to be managed simply and on budget, with reduced development effort and time-to-market.


Our automation system helps you increase efficiency by giving you the option of preparing all testing tasks in the office. Furthermore, you can easily share parameters and data across different testbed types and configurations. Powerful, state-of-the-art interface technologies allow standardized device integration. Our tailored solution is characterized by cutting-edge usability and intuitive operation, offering unique functionalities to accelerate e-motor development.

AVL Puma 2 e-motor

Our large installed base and global competence explains why PUMA is the first choice when it comes down to e-motor testing.

Get What You Need

Torque correction controller for the unit under test (UUT), powered by AVL EMCON 6™, to guarantee that the desired torque really takes effect. 

Fast and Precise

Unique position control and stall brake handling for fast, reliable and precise analysis and calibration of the stand-still UUT torque over the whole circumference

Easy Integration

Easy integration in the existing customer environment

AVL PUMA 2™ E-Motor Back-to-Back

Configuration for durability testing. It is a very cost-efficient and reliable solution for the connection of two e-motors which removes the need for a dyno. It is, therefore, a slim package and offers a reduced need for hardware and software.

Mario Propst

We use the powerful PUMA 2 automation system for any kind of e-motor testbeds in the area of performance, durability, NVH and EMC. The excellent integration of all testbed devices like the AVL X-ion™ e-Power Measurement and application tools like AVL ISAC™ and AVL CAMEO™ into PUMA 2 allows us to optimize and validate any kind of e-drive system very efficiently and with high quality standard.

– Mario Propst, Senior System Line Manager E-Drive, AVL List

e-motor performance
E-Motor Testing Solutions

AVL has a wide portfolio consisting of dedicated e-motor test systems, software, tools, and processes to test and validate these modern e-drive systems in shortest time and with highest quality standards.

Key visual puma 2 share
AVL PUMA 2™ Share

The industry standard for central management of parameters and result data. It is the hub that connects your AVL testbed to your engineers.

X-ion e-power
AVL X-ion e-Power

The AVL X-ion™ e-Power power analyzer is a modular data acquisition platform that is optimized for electric and hybrid applications.

Ripple Generator
AVL Ripple Generator

Ripple emulation for battery, fuel cell, inverter and component testing.

Data Acquisition - AVL FEM 4

New powertrain technologies require a higher data throughput rate in real time. AVL FEM 4™ enables you to measure all raw data relevant for the characterization of the unit-under-test.

Inverter Testing Solutions

The inverter is very complex, and its behavior and handling influence the driving experience significantly. It needs to be tested and developed without further influences of other components. Learn more about our test system (TS) for inverter. 

GL_ITS_KeyVisual_PUMA 2 Machine Learning_07.22
AVL PUMA 2™ Machine Learning

Intelligent automation, quick and easy

Testbed Workstation
AVL PUMA 2™ Hardware

The perfect hardware for AVL’s leading automation system

Expediting e-powertrain durability testing with artificial intelligence

Robust solutions are needed to detect and react on any problems occurring in the testbed. Durability for e-powertrain testing is taken to a new level thanks to AI-powered automation.

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Insights into the new AVL PUMA™ 2 E-Motor solution

Worldwide, more than 60% of all e-drive systems in use are coming from AVL and are powered by the automation system AVL PUMA™. During this webinar, we will present a live demo, highlight the benefits of the new functionalities and will explain how to easily install this new automation system on your testbed.

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