AVL PUMA 2™ Fuel Cell

The ease of automation

AVL PUMA 2™ Fuel Cell is our intuitive automation system for highly dynamic fuel cell system testing. It is the global industry standard for testbed automation.

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AVL PUMA 2™ Fuel Cell enables our customers to easily manage the challenges of present and future demands, from research and development to the validation of fuel cell systems. Joined competences in fuel cell development between AVL HQ Graz and its Fuel Cell Technology R&D Center in Canada make this a unique combination.

Increasingly strict CO2 restrictions worldwide and the demand for green mobility pose a huge challenge to the automotive industry.

Electric vehicles powered by hydrogen must ensure a long driving range and short refilling times. The continuous optimization of durability and reliability of fuel cell systems are key.

A state-of-the-art test environment must be able to
combine the real fuel cell system on the testbed with a virtual vehicle to simulate real driving scenarios already in an early development phase.


An intuitive user interface allows easy access to modern testing and validation methods. In addition to standard features, such as steady state tests and fully automated test runs, it offers reliable and precise control of the unit-under-test, measuring devices, test cell facilities and all safety-relevant monitoring features – in real-time.

With PUMA 2 Fuel Cell, you can easily execute complex test runs and centrally access and process data with integrated software solutions from AVL Team SUITE™.

Puma Operating Room

To support a green and sustainable future, we address the challenges of validating fuel cell systems for a broad range of mobility solutions.

Ready for Fuel Cell Testing

Cutting-edge usability for new and experienced users – start testing within a minute!

Prevention through Early Diagnosis

Early online diagnosis of fuel cell degradation through integrated diagnosis controls

Latest Technology in Use

Standardized device integration enabled by powerful and latest interface technologies

Florian Poimer

PUMA 2 Fuel Cell enables a wide range of possibilities for the reliable testing of fuel cell systems. Its outstanding features, as well as its architecture and flexibility, enable us to test fuel cell systems within research projects to gain a deeper understanding of degradation mechanisms within fuel cells.

– Florian Poimer, Research Associate, HyCentA Research GmbH

AVL PEM Testing
PEM Fuel Cell Testing Solutions

Testing solutions for every development step from cell to system for all applications from passenger car to aviation

Fuelcell Testbed
AVL Fuel Cell System Testbed

AVL designed the integrated Fuel Cell System Testbed to provide highly efficient and accurate testing while minimizing integration efforts. Reusing our reliable and proven modules and transferring our R&D expertise and maturity into a compact solution was crucial. 

FuelCell Test Systems
AVL Fuel Cell Test Systems

In the search for green and sustainable mobility, AVL has addressed the challenges of developing and validating automotive fuel cell systems – from a single cell up to complete systems for various applications. 

Test System Automation
Test System Automation

Flexible test automation solutions for virtual and real-world environments

GL_ITS_KeyVisual_PUMA 2 Machine Learning_07.22
AVL PUMA 2™ Machine Learning

Intelligent automation, quick and easy

Testbed Workstation
AVL PUMA 2™ Hardware

The perfect hardware for AVL’s leading automation system

GL_ITS_Photo_Fuel Cell Test System 370x350
How to boost fuel cell electric vehicle R&D

In this webinar we provide an overview of AVL’s fuel cell testing solution and how AVL’s unprecedented testing and diagnostic toolchain can support in boosting customers technology learning curve.

AVL Opens New Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Test Center in Graz

Greater test capacities for innovative energy and propulsion solutions

AVL Joins HZwo Innovation Cluster to Drive New Mobility Technologies

Close alliance between academic research and industry for an accelerated energy transition in Saxony, Germany

AVL Contribution to DLR Project: 1.5- Megawatt Composite Testbed for Fuel Cells

World's first test field for fuel cell propulsion systems in the megawatt range

AVL Joins Collaborative Project to Develop Hydrogen-Powered Land Rover Defender Fuel Cell Prototype

AVL and Jaguar Land Rover join forces to deliver zero-tailpipe emissions for premium fuel cell prototype based on the new Land Rover Defender.

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