AVL PUMA 2™ Hardware

The perfect hardware for AVL’s leading automation system

To support you in your testing efforts, AVL offers tailored hardware configurations for operating the various applications of our automation system AVL PUMA 2™

Testbed Workstation

We offer tailored hardware solutions that include testbed workstations, I/O cards, and I/O modules, which fit perfectly with our automation software. All testbed workstations are manufactured to AVL´s specifications to industry standard, including cutting-edge technology and guarantee long-term availability (in comparison with other industrial PC manufacturers).

The modular system cabinet concept takes into account your constantly changing requirements and work situations when executing testing tasks. We have designed numerous system cabinet solutions to house the hardware, each of them tailored to your individual needs. Create a testing environment that works best for you.

Combined with different trolleys, a highly flexible operating room concept can be achieved, taking into account constantly changing requirements and work situations.

To get the most from their testing efforts, our customers require technical facilities that can be adapted to both the specific space and work situation. Additionally, the equipment should be easily expandable where necessary. In modern testbed concepts in particular, a simple design with free-standing hardware solutions is key. 

AVL PUMA 2 Hardware

Our tailored PUMA 2 automation hardware and the system cabinet are characterized by a small footprint.

Industrial Design

High-end industrial workstation for tough testbed environments

Top Performance

Top workstation performance and reliability designed for 24/7 operation

Flexibility Is Key

Easy adaption of system cabinet concept to fulfill all spatial and ergonomic requirements

Patented Design

Patented modular system cabinet design for easy extension


Long-term availability of all hardware components

Rupert Fellegger

Our test automation hardware has been specially developed for industrial environments and 24/7 operation. It guarantees optimum performance and connectivity to numerous bus systems. We strive to continuously develop our portfolio in line with the latest technological progress.

– Rupert Fellegger, Senior Product Manager Test Automation Hardware, AVL List

Test System Automation
Test System Automation

Flexible test automation solutions for virtual and real-world environments

GL_ITS_Image_PUMA 2 Battery GUI_02.22
AVL PUMA 2™ Battery

AVL´s intuitive automation system for battery testing, from cell to module and pack.

AVL Puma 2 e-motor
AVL PUMA 2™ E-Motor

The best-in-class automation system for e-motor testing.

PUMA 2 Inverter
AVL PUMA 2™ Inverter

AVL PUMA 2™ Inverter is a comprehensive automation system for inverter testing, offering everything you need in one place 

AVL PUMA 2™ Fuel Cell

AVL PUMA 2™ Fuel Cell is our intuitive automation system for highly dynamic fuel cell system testing. It is the global industry standard for testbed automation.


AVL PUMA 2™ is the global industry standard for testbed automation. It is suitable for electrified testbed types as well as for conventional test environments.

AVL PUMA 2™ Production

AVL PUMA 2™ Production is our robust automation system designed for production testing of a range of e-mobility applications. 

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