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AVL Vehicle Testbed Automation and Control is our automation system for chassis dyno vehicle testing


VECON 2 is AVL’s leading chassis dyno operating and control system for the highest testbed quality in terms of legislation, data conformity, control behavior, and testbed usability. Designed to work with AVL ROADSIM™ chassis dynamometers, it boasts precise measurement of force, speed, and time, which enables high-performance control. This facilitates highly realistic vehicle testing, which is fundamental to testing electrified vehicles successfully. Used in combination with our testbed automation system, AVL PUMA 2™, it forms a consistent toolchain that can be adapted to your specific needs.

Electrified powertrains of new hybrid, battery electric, and hydrogen vehicle generations are changing the demands of vehicle testbed automation and control. At the same time, increasingly demanding global emission standards for classic powertrains require efficient vehicle certification.
A consistent, flexible solution is necessary to provide optimum support for the development of vehicles with these different propulsion concepts both now and in future.

AVL Vehicle Testbed Automation and Control

Extended testing cycles

Due to the extended test cycles for electrified vehicles (discharging energy storage), efficient use of the testbed becomes even more important 

EMC Testing

EMC tests are becoming increasingly important, especially for electrified powertrains with extensive control units.

NVH Testing

Noise emissions are becoming increasingly important in all vehicle classes and appropriate sound design is still essential

Automation of endurance testing

A complete automation of endurance tests is necessary to shorten the development effort as much as possible.

Thanks to the simple integration of measuring devices and simulation models, the system is ideally equipped for testing vehicles with new drive concepts. The excellent axle synchronization in combination with AVL ROADSIM chassis dynamometers allows realistic testing of different vehicle types - from conventional to electrified, from motorcycle to truck. 

Due to special system features, various applications such as exhaust gas and energy consumption certifications, performance testing, endurance testing, EMC testing, NVH testing, climate testing and much more... can be performed efficiently. 

Furthermore, when used in combination with our emission automation system AVL iGEM 2™, the vehicle testbed becomes a state-of-the-art certification lab.

At AVL we also offer software maintenance contracts to ensure the value and stability of our software throughout the entire product lifecycle.


AVL’s automation system for maximum efficiency of the chassis dyno application.

System With Approved Certification Functions

The system covers all global certification regulations and is successfully used by numerous authorities worldwide, such as CARB (US), KBA (GER), TÜV and many more.

Highest Quality Assurance

Automated quality assurance procedures ensure the function of the test stand according to specifications and thus increase the economic efficiency of the plant.

Maximum System Utilization

The intuitive operating concept and excellent load control allow a wide range of testing tasks to be completed quickly. Extensive automation functions allow processes to be further optimized.

Workflow-Oriented User Interface

The system has an intuitive and consistent user interface designed specifically for vehicle testbed operation. It guides the operator through the vehicle setup and helps to reduce rigging time.

High Performance Control

The powerful control system allows the vehicle to be tested close to real road operation. The exact distance behavior and excellent axle synchronization ensure reproducible results and make the system particularly suitable for research tasks.

EMC Measurements

Convenient turntable operation and specific velocity ramp functionality make the test sequence for EMC investigations fast and easy. Data synchronization ensures fast determination of causal relationships between load conditions and EMC effects.

NVH Measurements

Due to the easy handling of the roller positioning, the vehicle position for the pass-by test can be precisely adjusted. In addition, the exact phase control ensures perfect synchronization of the shock strips mounted on the circumference of the rollers.

Arnold Berger

Our systems fulfill all legally required quality procedures for chassis dynamometers (certification) and are tested and approved by worldwide certification authorities (CARB, KBA, TÜV, EPA), as well as being in use at the aforementioned.  Based on AVL's automation platform, which has been delivered more than 7,000 times, and thus guarantees the greatest possible future security with regard to the software architecture of the delivered testbed systems, and in combination with AVL hardware the highest accuracy and performance is guaranteed.

– Arnold Berger, Managing Director, AVL Zöllner GmbH 

AVL Vehicle Testbed Automation and Control Solution Sheet
Vehicle Testing for E-Mobility

AVL Vehicle TS™ is integral to supporting and managing vehicle development, system optimization, validation, and calibration tasks in an environment of complex vehicle propulsion systems.

AVL Vehicle TS™ for Hybrid/ICE

The test system is an integral part to support and manage the complex vehicle development, system optimization, validation and calibration task during the later stage of the development process.


AVL PUMA 2™ is the global industry standard for testbed automation. It is suitable for electrified testbed types as well as for conventional test environments.

iGEM 2 Test Automation Solution
AVL iGEM 2™ Test Automation

AVL iGEM 2™ is our cutting-edge test automation solution for your energy and emission testing needs. It delivers high-quality data for certification and R&D testing.

Software Maintenance
Software Maintenance

With software maintenance, AVL ensures the value and stability of AVL software for the customer throughout the entire product life cycle

Emission Key Visual
Emission Analysis and Measurement

To meet the requirements for better air quality, industry must continue to improve the performance of traditional powertrains, as well as accelerate powertrain electrification. 


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