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We help our customers develop highly efficient thermal management systems.
Thermal Testing solutions

As mobility transitions towards electrification, there is greater focus on the development of vehicle thermal management systems (VTMS). The temperature ranges for different components of an electrified propulsion system can differ greatly depending on operating and environmental conditions. This makes the development of the thermal system much more complex than in the past, and also increases the importance of an optimized VTMS. At AVL, we understand the needs and challenges of OEMs, Tiers, and institutes in this respect, and provide a wide portfolio of testing equipment to support you in optimizing the thermal layout of your propulsion system components and the complete system.  

For more than 25 years, we have intensively developed various conditioning systems and technologies, which are used in high-end engine test cells all over the world. This is the perfect foundation for understanding the increasing complexity of the cooling circuits of electrified propulsion systems in automotive applications. It is also the basis for understanding what our customers need from thermal management system development.

Thermal Management

A vehicle thermal management system (VTMS) has a significant effect on the energy efficiency of the entire vehicle and the durability of all components in the propulsion system, such as the battery and inverter. Highly efficient systems require extensive calibration and testing time at vehicle level, which has a huge impact on development costs and timing.

System and Subsystem Testing
Utilizing model-based testing, the AVL Thermal Lab™ supports you in optimizing the entire VTMS (all coolant circuits and the refrigerant cycle) in dynamic conditions. The unit under test (UUT) is the complete VTMS embedded in an emulated vehicle, while the environment is fully simulated. Unlike expensive vehicle tests in wind tunnels or on the road, you can test the entire system in the lab in realistic driving (WLTP, RDE, etc.) and ambient conditions, without vehicle prototypes and outside weather conditions.


Component Testing
Like for the complete thermal system, the model-based testing approach of the AVL Thermal Lab™ helps you optimize your thermal components without needing to having the entire VTMS available. Your unit under test (UUT) can be embedded in an emulated vehicle, while a hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) method fully simulates the rest of the thermal system and the environment.

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We provide products, solutions, and systems for thermal and environmental conditioning to enable our customers to develop their products with the highest level of efficiency.”

– Stefan Nemec, Global Business Segment Manager, AVL List GmbH

Thermal Lab™ – Solution Sheet
Testing battery-electric vehicles under realistic conditions.
AVL Puma 2 e-motor
AVL PUMA 2™ E-Motor

The best-in-class automation system for e-motor testing.

AVL E-Motor TS™
E-Motor Test Systems

AVL has a wide portfolio consisting of dedicated e-motor test systems, software, tools, and processes to test and validate these modern e-drive systems in shortest time and with highest quality standards.

AVL Battery TS™
Battery Test Systems

For battery (module/pack) testing, we offer complete test systems, stand-alone equipment, or even entire turnkey test labs.

Customer Services
Customer Services for Testing Solutions

The AVL Customer Services organization consists of more than 700 service- and application engineers worldwide, operating from more than 50 locations. Our global footprint is your local benefit.

eMobility Testing
E-Mobility Testing

For every form of e-mobility, we offer in-depth expertise and comprehensive solutions for development, testing, and validation – from component to complete system.


With built-in and ready to use domain know-how, CONCERTO empowers data-driven engineers to become a strong development influencer.

  • No prototype vehicles required for the optimization of the entire VTMS
  • Development is disengaged from weather conditions and regions
  • Analysis of the VTMS components and architecture for range and cabin comfort on the testbed
  • Possibility of testing various VTMS concepts with different propulsion systems

AVL is the reliable partner for thermal management test systems

25 years of experience in the development of conditioning systems for automotive test systems form the basis for our in-depth understanding of cooling circuits in different electrified propulsion systems. It is also a good base for understanding our customers’ needs regarding thermal management system development.


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