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Dive into a world beyond reality: Unleash the power of virtual possibilities.
virtual reality

Our goal is to provide immersive experiences that make virtual worlds feel as real as the physical world. By using advanced head-mounted displays and controllers, we create a seamless blend between you and the virtual environment. With features like navigation, measurement tools, collaborative sessions, and more, our applications offer a wide range of functionalities for design reviews, collaboration, trainings, data visualization, and beyond. Whether you're seeking to enhance productivity, improve decision-making, or unlock new possibilities, our custom-tailored Virtual Reality (VR) solutions are designed to transform the way you work, create, and explore. Step into a new reality today.

The quest for solutions in business operations to reduce costs and increase efficiency is one that every company is familiar with. We have looked for innovative ways to make this possible with the help of virtual reality. Our solutions increase overall productivity such as streamlined workflows and improve collaboration. Time and cost can be reduced, as well as the need for prototypes and travel for meetings. For training efforts, the training quality and safety can be enhanced. And last but not least customer engagement is guaranteed, where we it offers our customers memorable experiences.


virtual reality
Overall Productivity

Streamline workflows, improve collaboration.

Time and Cost

Reduce the need for prototypes, travel for meetings.

Training Efforts

Enhance training quality and safety.

Customer Engagement

Offer customers memorable experiences.

virtual reality

We utilize advanced head-mounted displays (HMDs) to transport you into a mesmerizing virtual environment. With precise head and hand tracking through controllers, you can interact naturally within the virtual world, enhancing productivity and unlocking new levels of immersion. VR eliminates spatial constraints and real-life hazards, freeing up resources and providing a safe training ground for high-risk processes. Tailored to your specific needs, our custom apps are compatible with leading VR devices like Meta Quest and HTC Vive.

With virtual simulations for user experience evaluation, process optimization, and immersive experiences, VR drives efficiency, cost savings, and customer engagement.

Enhanced Productivity

Streamline your workflows, improve collaboration, and accelerate decision-making processes.

Improved Design and Innovation

Visualize and interact with your designs in a virtual environment, for improved product quality and enhanced user experience.

Master Your Data

Transform complex data into visually immersive representations, enabling better data analysis, interpretation, and decision-making.

Design Review

Solve complex problems more effectively by merging solutions from multiple domains into a single, interpretable design. VR offers an alternative view where real-life relationships between objects, such as scale and positioning, are perceived in a very natural manner. Evaluate properties like escape routes and accessibility concerns efficiently.


Enhance discussions about products by meeting in the same virtual room, eliminating the need for conference calls or business travel. Utilize avatars to create a more immersive experience, making discussions more accurate and easier to understand.


Overcome spatial, financial, and safety constraints by bringing digital twins of training objects into a virtual world. Guided and unguided trainings can be implemented without the need for an instructor present, and trainee behavior can be analyzed for quality and efficiency. Collaborative training allows instructors and trainees to interact in a virtual three-dimensional space, regardless of their physical location.

stephan nadim

Virtual Reality is not just a technology  its a journey into a boundless world of possibilities. As a forward-thinking high-tech company, we recognize that VR has already revolutionized the way we interact, learn, and communicate.

– Stephan Nadim, Department Manager, AVL List GmbH

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Solutions for highly efficient energy management in Tech Centers.


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