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A Data-Driven Approach to Boosting Vehicle Development Efficiency

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Can’t attend live? Register anyway, and we’ll send you a link to the slides and a video of the webinar when it’s finished. The amount of data produced while developing a new vehicle is enormous.

In this webinar, Nikolaus Keuth and Gerhard Schagerl present a data-driven methodology and related big data toolchain to create better insights and enable more intelligent decisions based on this engineering data. Our experts use three real-life use cases to demonstrate the benefits of such an approach:

1. Fuel cell test field data analytics
2. Battery fleet data analytics
3. ADAS performance validation

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Learn how to accelerate vehicle development by taking advantage of historical data
  • Find out how to create new insights and boost development efficiency using a data analytics methodology that can be applied to simulation, test field, validation fleet, and even end-customer vehicles
  • Discover how new big-data technology enables interactive data exploration and self-service analytics of thousands of measurements
  • Learn how to reduce costs by democratizing data instead of re-testing
Recording available - 60 min
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Gerhard Schagerl
Product Line Manager
AVL List GmbH


Nikolaus Keuth
Senior Product Manager
AVL List GmbH

Handout A Data-Driven Approach to Boosting Vehicle Development Efficiency
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