Accelerated e-drive development using AVL MultiSync Technology™

Visual MultiSync Webinar 16.06.2020_v2

The rising complexity of electrified powertrains poses a huge challenge to the automotive industry. It is key to reduce testing time while maximizing quality in order to speed up e-motor and inverter development. We have developed a methodology and toolchain to increase the effectivity of various e-drive development tasks. In this webinar we are going to present solutions how to handle significant limiting factors during the development phase like

• uncomplete and unsynchronized result data

• missing expert knowledge in different areas

On the example of e-motor and inverter calibration on the e-drive testbed, the technical realization of this toolchain is demonstrated. Most importantly the quantification of customer benefits in terms of cost, time and quality is discussed.

Target group: Testfield Managers, Testbed Engineers

Recording available - 40 mins
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Meet our experts who are the presenters of this webinar.

Veronika Obersteiner and Bernhard Gröchenig

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