Achieving Post-Euro 6 Emissions Standards

How to Tackle Post-Euro 6 Aftertreatment Development Challenges Using System Simulation

More than ever the automotive industry is under pressure to reduce emissions from internal combustion engines. To meet current and upcoming legislation goals, exhaust gas after-treatment systems must be highly effective right from engine start. With its 0D-, 1D- and 3D-Simulation solution AVL offers a framework enabling the efficient development of zero-impact-emission aftertreatment systems.

Recording available - 60 mins
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  • An introduction to AVL CRUISE™ M for exhaust gas aftertreatment modeling
  • See how easy system models are generated and executed, either stand-alone or as part of vehicle models
  • Gain insights unto use cases, including a potential post-EURO 6 aftertreatment system

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Matija Mlakar

Anton Nahtigal

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