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ACORA – A Revolution in Battery Cell Conditioning

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OEMs, battery manufacturers, and cell suppliers must continuously develop and test new battery cells for the evolving automotive market. For battery electric vehicles mileage range is key, making the capacity of battery cells and packs a crucial factor. Besides capacity, power and life cycle analysis are central parameters in battery development. With cell testing, there are simple units under test (UUTs) with a high demand on testing flexibility in process and methodology – compared to battery packs which need a different test system.

Several challenges are to be dealt with in battery cell testing: New chemistries/ material pairings need to be tested in the quest for greater range and lifetime. Due to the need of energy for cooling in different temperature regions, energy costs increase. Long stabilization times during cooling and heating up can occur when using air as conditioning medium. Moreover, it must be possible to test different cell types (prismatic, pouch, cylindrical) in different sizes. And the need to do as much as possible in less and less time leads to time and cost pressures, which must also be taken into consideration.

In this webinar, you will learn more about:

  • Challenges in battery cell conditioning
  • Solution overview to solve said challenges
  • Value proposition of ACORA
Recording available - 30 min
Presentation language
  • Battery cell conditioning
  • Battery testing solutions
  • Direct cooling technology

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