Advanced testing & validation for the development of electrical drivelines

Advanced Testing & Validation for the Development of Electrical Drivelines

New tools and methodologies are needed for fast & cost-efficient development, testing, calibration and validation of electrical drivelines and their sub-components. Development of key powertrain components such as transmission, e-motor and power electronics requires testing activities at the earliest possible project stage taking a high degree of virtualization into account.In this webinar, AVL experts will explain what advanced methodologies, tools and facilities are used to efficiently test and validate state-of-the-art electrical drivelines as well as subcomponents such as e-motors and inverters. These new approaches allow reduced time to market, fulfillment of stringent cost constraints and at the same time result in highly mature development results.Key topics to be covered:


• Methodologies to set up and optimize test and validation programs from component to electrical driveline system incl. industry standard test programs

• Options to evaluate and improve overall system performance with a bottom-up approach in terms of efficiency, NVH, performance and cost in an advanced testing environment

Recording available - 60 mins
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Meet our experts who are the presenters of this webinar.

Michael Leighton, Senior Mechanical Development EngineerThorsten Fischer, Team Manager System Test ManagementGoran Rovisan, Development Engineer Projects & Testing

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