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Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing technology selection in the automotive industry, especially in E-mobility. With the help of AI-driven digital prototypes, car manufacturers can speed up development times and make accurate decisions in a matter of days – instead of months. This not only reduces costs, but also ensures the optimal selection of batteries, vehicle architecture, driving functions and more.

In addition, AI enables objective predictions about the driving experience, allowing manufacturers to cater to individual customer needs. Overall, AI shortens the time to market for new vehicle models.

Key Topics and Takeways: 

  • Discover more about the use of digital prototypes based on neural networks.
  • Learn more about artificial intelligence in vehicle concept development.
  • Get insights into how AI-based development methods can affect the subjective driving experience.
Recording available - 60 min
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Mario Oswald
Skill Team Leader Virtual Vehicle and Energy Management
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Presentation AI Powered Vehicle Concept Development
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