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Automated data analysis for e-drive development

Automatisierte Datenauswertung beim Entwickeln eines E-Antriebs

Our mobility is on a fundamental transformation journey - and so is the automotive industry. However, when it comes to developing new technologies, standardized test procedures are often in short supply. 

The result is a lengthy learning process, flawed testing, and time-consuming data analysis due to an ever-expanding universe of data that requires a lot of processing, analysis, and reporting. 

In our webinar "Automated data analysis for e-drive development" we will use real-world example applications to show you how you can easily overcome the hurdles in the development of new technologies.


• Example applications from real life
     • E-Motor
     • Battery/Cell
     • Correlation of simulation/testbed measurement data
• From Data to report
• Importing data
• How to visualize data
• How to calculate new metrics
• Exporting results to PowerPoint and PDF
• Daily checks on the testbed
• Data quality checks
• How to configure automated processing: export and reporting

Recording available - 60 min
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