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The AVL Fuel Cell Truck – A Technology Demonstrator Showing Solutions for Future Heavy-Duty Applications

Fuel Cell Demo Truck

The challenges of heavy-duty fuel cell trucks, especially semi-tractors, include:

  • Cooling performance (no derating at 30°C ambient)
  • Packaging space (sleeper cabin and vehicle length restrictions lead to the integration of all systems into the chassis without having a rack behind the cabin)
  • H2 fuel efficiency (predictive energy management and optimized energy flow to increase range and enhance the lifetime of fuel cell and battery system)

In this free, 60-minute webinar, René Steinek and Dr. Rolf Doebereiner present AVL's fuel cell truck, which offers solutions to all these challenges and more.


Key topics and takeaways:

  • Gain insight into AVL's solutions for heavy-duty fuel cell trucks
  • Understand durability challenges and how to balance them against vehicle performance and efficiency
  • Explore how AVL managed to package all systems into a semi-trailer truck chassis
  • Learn how AVL overcomes challenges in cooling performance and EE issues like isolation resistance
Recording available - 60 min
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René Steinek
Project Manager AVL Fuel Cell Technology Demonstrator Truck
AVL List GmbH


Rolf Doebereiner
Product Line Manager Commercial Vehicles, Electrification & ADAS/AD
AVL List GmbH


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