Battery Development Solutions for Commercial Vehicles

Modular and innovative battery solutions for on- and off-road commercial vehicles on the road to large scale electrification
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Powertrain electrification poses new challenges and opportunities for every vehicle system, including the battery development for on- and off-road commercial vehicles. Battery systems for commercial vehicles – and their charging solutions – must be flexible enough to meet global legislation and the needs of every region or market.In this webinar, Paul Schiffbänker will outline our solutions to the particular challenges of battery development for mild hybrid up to battery or fuel cell electric trucks and busses. Starting from benchmarking & battery cell research, concept development with multiple variants via battery virtual development including simulation to hardware validation and production and cost engineering. A focus will be laid on developing modular solutions that help to save cost and time during the entire development process, as well as maximize the efficiency and power of the battery system.Key Takeaways:How to design a cost-effective battery for commercial vehicles while meeting strict performance, lifetime and safety requirements The modular concept of a cell to sub-pack and sub-pack to pack approach Active and passive balancing solutions to enable parallelization from sub-pack to battery systemBack to Webinar Series Battery

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