Battery Lifetime Prediction - Goals, Challenges, and Solutions

Battery Lifetime Prediction: Magic or Science?

Content Sustainable mobility is gaining increasing momentum. To improve value and profitability of the battery as most valuable component of electric vehicles, a smooth interaction of many stakeholders along the whole value chain of a battery and a deep understanding of battery aging mechanisms are required. Acquiring battery and vehicle data from production, validation and "in-use" phase aided by smart battery lifetime simulation methodologies generates valuable knowledge that does not only allow optimization of battery design, management or the EV’s operation strategy, but also enables prediction of behaviour.In this 60-minute webinar, AVL experts Bernhard Brunnsteiner, Chief Engineer Battery at AVL PTE Simulation & Digital Services, and Katja Brade, Technical Expert Battery Cells and Technical Ambassador at AVL IODP Battery Lifecycle Management, provide an overview over battery degradation challenges, possible battery lifetime modelling approaches, and their application to support efficient mobility .

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Meet our experts who are the presenters of this webinar.

Dr. Bernhard Brunnsteiner - Chief Engineer Battery Thermal & Mechanics at AVL PTE Simulation & Digital Services; Dr. Katja Brade - Technical Expert Battery Cells and Technical Ambassador at AVL IODP Battery Lifecycle Management

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