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CO₂ Free Hydrogen Fueled Internal Combustion Engine Development: Challenges and Simulation Solution

H2ICE Live Webinar

The drastic shifts in the transportation business brought about by recent and also upcoming emission and greenhouse gas laws as well as the broader shift towards a decarbonized society are giving a tremendous push to the development of hydrogen combustion engines. In this particular scenario, hydrogen is particularly interesting because the fuel is carbon-free. This makes it the perfect fuel for internal combustion engines. In combustion engines, hydrogen can be ignited with a spark or by using a secondary fuel that starts the combustion process when it self-ignites. Harness the prowess of AVL‘s multidisciplinary approach, incorporating both 3D CFD and 1D System Simulation. Benefit from AVL's simulation solution, which optimizes system performance, and enables you to perform component-level analysis, ensuring your vehicles excel from concept to integration.

Recording available - 60 min
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  • Hydrogen combustion using AVL FIRE™ M and AVL CRUISE™ M
  • Concept phase layout for H₂ combustion
  • 3D CFD and 1D thermodynamic application
  • Virtual system integration
  • Experimental validation

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Piyush Gangwar

Piyush Gangwar
CFD Application Engineer-ICE and Electrification
AVL Advanced Simulation Technologies

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