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Complete Vehicle System Simulation Considering Thermal Effects and Real Road Conditions


Driving a real-world cycle during a warm summer or cold winter season or driving down a mountain road with different battery state of charges focusing on braking behaviour. Such conditions impact the vehicle's thermal effects, range, consumption, and operation strategies. Usually different simulation tools are needed to cover all this.
In this webinar our experts explain the importance of these external influences and the cross-effects created between the different vehicle systems, from chassis to powertrain and thermal networks. They will show you based on a use case how to simulate all these systems with the all-in-one solution AVL vSUITE™.

Recording available - 60 min
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  • Complete vehicle simulation and optimization of multiple vehicle systems
  • Understanding detailed powertrain cross-effects on vehicle dynamics
  • Real-world driving, 3D roads and outstanding driver models
  • Simplifying development workflow by using one entire vehicle model
  • Seamless usage from vehicle concept study and target setting to SOP

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Kira Lucas

Lucas Kira
Product Manager Simulation Energy & Driving
AVL Advanced Simulation Technologies

Matthias Pichler

Matthias Pichler
Simulation Engineer Software Services
AVL Advanced Simulation Technologies

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