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Comprehensive Acoustic Evaluation of an E-drive

Webinar E-drive

The elimination of the masking effect caused by the combustion engine and the trend towards high-speed e-axles make the topic of NVH a central aspect in vehicle development. In order to save time and costs, reliable simulation models are essential for the correct evaluation of noise behavior depending on a wide range of influences, such as stiffnesses and tolerances. Here, multi-body simulation has established itself for mapping the complex interactions between the components of the electric motor and the transmission.

In our webinar, Denis Werner, Simulation and Support Engineer, will present the current state of the art for the dynamic analysis of entire e-drives in the AVL EXCITE™ M MBS tool using an example.

Detailed gear, bearing and e-machine models allow an accurate consideration of mechanical and electromagnetic excitations at the same time. When modeling the entire e-axles, EXCITE M offers a high degree of flexibility. Modeling can be adapted to the availability of parameters as well as to the effects to be considered, such as rotor eccentricity. In addition, the wide range of post-processing options for identifying the main influences on structure-borne and airborne noise will be demonstrated.

Key topics and takeaways:
Dynamic 3D multi-body simulation for the analysis of NVH behavior with AVL EXCITE™ M
Joint consideration of electromagnetic and mechanical excitations in one model
Simulation of airborne sound radiation with AVL EXCITE™ ACOUSTICS
Post-processing with AVL IMPRESS™ M
Holistic workflow for evaluating the NVH behavior of electrified drives

Recording available - 60 min
Part of the webinar series
Presentation language
  • Electrification
  • NVH
  • Simulation
  • Virtual Driveline Development - Transmission and E-drive


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Denis Werner

Denis Werner
Simulation and Support Engineer
AVL Deutschland GmbH

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