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Design to CO2e: Reality Check

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Assessing the carbon footprint of a component throughout its lifecycle helps to understand the factors that influence carbon neutrality. Narrow boundaries can lead to an inaccurate picture and very different scenarios. Standardized measurement parameters and new design rules are required for tractable assessment and CO2e reduction. 
In this webinar you learn more about the regulatory requirements and necessary metrics for CO2e assessment in battery production. A battery case study is used to explore the opportunities for CO2e reduction through material and design decisions. Standardized rules for future comparability are proposed. The webinar concludes with a trade-off between cost and sustainability in the future production of traction batteries.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Learn the comparison of two proven pack manufacturing technologies: aluminum vs. composite
  • Outlining improvement potentials on CO2e emissions
  • Explore guidelines for minimized carbon footprint in a dedicated design to CO2e development process
Recording available - 60 min
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Martin Rothbart
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