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The E-Motor is an integral part of Electric Vehicle (EV) or Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV) drivelines and therefore it is important to consider its strong interaction with other relevant components during driveline development. When virtually developing a driveline, several typical tasks are regularly performed by engineers in specialized simulation departments. These range from the overall vehicle concept and layout analysis at system level over driveline dynamics and NVH at subsystem level up to the E-Motor 3D thermal analysis at component level. Engineers who perform such simulations may not always be electromagnetic simulation experts. Nevertheless, they need to consider the E-Motor’s interaction with the rest of the driveline. Exactly for users like them the E-Motor Tool (EMT) has been developed: When doing a layout of the system and only general requirements are known but the E-Motor is not available, it will only take one click for the EMT’s ‘Concept Designer’ to provide a reasonable suggestion for an E-Motor design that will fulfil the given requirements. When the geometry is available but exact results of the electromagnetic simulation like power losses, torque and force fluctuation are missing, the EMT’s ‘Geometry Assistant’ will generate an electromagnetic simulation model. The ‘Model Assistant’ will automatically perform the simulation and output exactly the required data. In this 60-minute-webinar, Sasa Bukovnik, Solution Manager for Virtual Driveline Development and Michael Schrottner, Simulation Engineer at AVL Advanced Simulation Technologies will show how easy E-Motor development with electromagnetic simulation can be.

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