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Efficient Testing – Measures to Improve Test Facility Efficiency

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Test fields are complex facilities on a high technical level. Test facility managers expect measurement and test results of impeccable quality and high significance within a short period of time after the test has been ordered. At the same time, test managers are always striving to operate their test systems as efficiently as possible. But what makes a well-run test facility? How are efficiency and effectiveness defined in this context? And how can both be improved?

There are several approaches to optimizing the operation of a test facility. Depending on the context and the chosen approach, different set screws are of interest to achieve the desired goals and KPIs.

In this webinar by AVL and Strategy Engineers you will learn

• Which different goals, approaches and set screws you should be aware of when optimizing.
• Using different use cases, we will analyze exemplary but real test fields and show you how efficiency improvements were achieved quickly and sustainably.
• The advantages of the AVL and Strategy Engineers approach and how it works.

Recording available - 60 min
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Automatisierte Datenauswertung beim Entwickeln eines E-Antriebs
Automated data analysis for e-drive development

Our mobility is on a fundamental transformation journey - and so is the automotive industry. However, when it comes to developing new technologies, standardized test procedures are often in short supply.

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