Enabling rapid Steer-by-Wire Development

with Driver-in-the-Loop Testbenches and Simulation

Steer-by-Wire (SbW) Systems are rarely used in actual series vehicles but will be the future in steering systems as one of the x-by-wire systems enabling autonomous driving and advanced vehicle functions. AVL’s research and development in view of SbW is focusing on vehicle functions, system functions and failures. Multiple disciplines like AVL’s system engineering capability, simulation and evaluation tool chains interact with each other and are supported by HIL and DIL testbenches. The target is to develop new steering functions, advanced system architectures and mechanical design as well as safety concepts and safety features.

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60 min
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  • System & Function Development
  • Safety Development (HARA, FSC)
  • Virtual System Testing | DIL testbench as a tool
  • AVL Toolchains (DIL, VSM ™, DRIVE™)
  • Superior mechanic and E/E concept design

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Julian Schubert

Julian Schubert
Project Manager Driving Functions

AVL List GmbH


Pedro Jorge

Pedro Jorge 
Lead Engineer Chassis Electronics
AVL List GmbH


Martin Ringdorfer

Martin Ringdorfer
Lead Engineer System Safety  Engineering
AVL List GmbH


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