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Explore the New Generation of AVL CRETA 6™


AVL CRETA 6™ is a calibration data lifecycle management system designed for the calibration of all vehicle control units. It has been optimized for even more simple commissioning, installation and roll-out. It combines the advantages of low IT and infrastructure requirements, and a high number of new features and functionalities to further improve and empower the engineers work.

Plus we now offer a premium edition – CRETA 6 PLUS, based on a modern “Multi-Tier” system architecture, which provides a complete different experience for all affected stakeholders of an enterprise. In addition the PLUS version now offers a modern Rest API and a toolkit for easier integration in CI / CD environments.

In this Webinar, Nikolas Schuch and Zsolt Szalai, present the brand new generation of CRETA including a demonstration of the most valuable features.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • What is the core of AVL CRETA™?
  • How is the new generation able to increase your calibration power?
  • What is the added value of the premium edition CRETA 6 PLUS?
  • What are the most valuable features and how are they used?
Recording available - 33 mins
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Meet our experts who are the presenters of this webinar.

Nikolas Schuch, Department Manager, AVL

Zsolt Szalai, Content Manager, AVL

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