Fact-Based Powertrain Layouting


The decision on the type of powertrain is made on the basis of the basic characteristics that a vehicle should ultimately have. Electrified vehicles have proven themselves for short distances and city traffic. For long distances, the classic combustion engine is preferred.Simulation can help you make powertrain decisions based on specific application examples and goals. In this webinar, our simulation engineer Andrej Cvikl will show you how to create a basic vehicle model (BEV, ICE, HEV, FCEV) in our multidisciplinary vehicle system simulation tool. Based on a short study of the simulated cycles, you will learn which type of powertrain would be most suitable for your needs. Besides whole components you can parameterize scalar values or change whole topologies and scale the single components accordingly. You will also get an insight into our Battery Layout Generator. It supports you in configuring your battery based on energy demand, max/min Voltage, Peak Power etc. 

Recording available - 60 mins
Presentation language
  • Reviewing of different powertrain concepts with short studies
  • Easy generation of a battery model based on few data
  • See how validated powertrain models can move your simulations forward

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Andrej Cvikl

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