Fuel Cell: System Integration based on In-depth Cell Know-how


Fuel Cell based powertrains are a promising zero-emission solution for trucks. The CO2 emissions of long-haul heavy-duty trucks are substantial; therefore, solutions are needed to comply with global CO2 reduction policies. The fuel cell solution allows heavy duty trucks with similar payload and range, compared to conventional diesel trucks.This webinar will explain the rationale for fuel cell heavy duty trucks from a TCO, well-to-wheel energy efficiency and cradle-to-grave CO2 perspective. For that matter, the fuel cell solution is compared to a battery electric-, H2 ICE- and Synthetic Diesel ICE powertrain.Then concrete solutions based of an AVL fuel cell heavy duty truck program will be discussed on all vehicle integrations levels from powertrain, fuel cell system to fuel cell stack. In particular the AVL requirement engineering based on a systematic system engineering approach will be presented. Finally, a virtual integration of all these solutions in a truck will be shown.

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